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What should I watch out for when betting on sports?

by Staff Reporter
17 Feb 2019 at 22:49hrs | Views
Sports betting is becoming more and more popular. As a result, new bookmakers are constantly coming onto the market and trying to lure players into their ranks with a high bonus. In order to get an overview of the ever increasing offer, we recommend a comparison website such as Here the offerers are taken more exactly under the magnifying glass and are subjected to a test. Beside the bonus offer also the customer service and further important characteristics of a bookmaker are tested in detail, in order to filter out the best. Also valuable information about the security and respectability can be found here, so that one does not land with one of the many black sheep of the industry.
But what is important and what are the characteristics of a successful tipster? We got to the bottom of this question and talked to a long-time betting expert. For more than seven years now he has been typing on various platforms and knows the scene very well.

What is important for sports betting?
The first round of questions was about the qualities a player should have in order to make a big profit in the long run. Our interviewee had an extensive answer to the question: "Above all, it depends on the discipline. Many newcomers start with one of the many bonuses and wonder why there is hardly anything left after a short time". In his opinion, the main problem lies in the fact that many players jump into the big European leagues without having obtained any information beforehand.

This can be illustrated quickly with the help of an example. In Spain's Primera Division, Barcelona is very often the leader and wins almost all matches against small teams. The odds of a victory for Barcelona, however, are usually only 1.5 or lower. If a player now bets permanently on Barcelona and they don't win two games after the game, there is already a big hole in the credit account.

In the course of this, many players make a mistake, which is a vicious circle. After a lost tip, the stake is increased to recover the lost balance. If he also loses this bet, the balance may already be zero and the player is forced to make another deposit.
Lost bets should be analyzed

Before it comes to a so-called "Rage-Bet", in which the stake is so high that the lost credit should be recouped, a betting rookie has to recognize his own mistakes and turn them off. According to his statements, the experienced player himself had problems at the beginning of his competition career and therefore had to pay some dues. "One sees only the lost credit and not one's own mistakes. Especially at the beginning, I blindly bet on a favorite that was behind and lost all my credit." This repeated itself after his statements still more often, until he informed himself more exactly and could stop so his failure.

"Information is the be-all and end-all for sports betting", explained the successful betting expert, who is registered with more than 20 bookmakers. The most important factors are important factors for a team, such as absences or the balance of home or away matches. The current form can also be a sign to keep your fingers off this team or to bet on your opponent. The most important thing, however, is to analyse one's own mistakes in order to constantly learn more and not to stop. "After realizing that I shouldn't just bet blindly on games, I looked at every game on the Internet again and tried to recognize what went wrong. Every bettor has an idea of how the game might go and his bet is based on that."

Moneymanagment - How high should a bet on a game be?
One of the most interesting topics for experienced players is money management. There is a lot of discussion here about how high a bet on a bet should be. Our interview guest also had an answer to this question and said: "If you are sure that the match is quoted wrongly, you can bet 5% of your credit well and gladly". We ourselves were a little surprised that only 5 % of the money went on a bet. But with a high credit balance this can mean a stake of more than 100.00 Euro and therefore also a good profit.

Already at the beginning of your competition career you should start with money management in order not to lose everything quickly. The experienced betting  gave us a small tip and explained that you should divide the credit in units to have a better overview. So a unit in his hand is 0.5% of his total balance. The maximum number of units per match is 10. It depends above all on the evaluation of the match. If he is sure that a team will win a clear victory, a maximum bet of 10 units is seldom reached. "Only a huge odds error by a bookmaker lets me take the risk of using 5% of my total credit."

Are sports betting games part of gambling?
After this question, our interview guest grinned a little and confessed that sports betting also has something to do with luck. "Particularly with newcomers one can compare sport bets with a kind of gambling. Without getting information about cancellations and the like, the team is simply typed into the black because it has a well-known name. A newcomer once asked me in a forum why I was betting against the clear favourite in the Champions League group phase. The answer brought him the realization that information is the be-all and end-all in sports betting. While the favourite was certainly the first in the group, the opponent was still about entering the knockout rounds and that's why this team had to give their all while the favourite ran up with a second guard".

Experienced sports betting folks, however, also need a bit of luck, in his opinion, that the course of the game is the way one imagines it to be. By collected information the chance on a successful bet is however by some higher and also the profit comes from completely alone. Finally we received another tip, which again amounts to the discipline. "I also have negative series behind me in which I lost ten bets after Gang. However, there's no point in going any further here, it makes sense to take a short break to get new motivation."
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