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New online trends

by Staff Writer
09 Apr 2019 at 14:21hrs | Views
VR and AR have been on the headlines for a while. Voice shopping is expected to be one of the biggest trends in 2019. Everything that looked trendy in 2018 will either continue to trend in 2019 or exit the scene as it's replaced by other trends.

Not everything comes and fades away, however. Some of the things people once thought would disappear with time are a way of life these days. Below are some of the new and old but popular trends unlikely to get forgotten about because of their many benefits.

Watching TV Online
As people spend more time in front of their computers and smartphones, they are spending less time on TV. Those that still love televisions own smart screens that can stream Netflix, Hulu, and all the popular streaming networks.

Led by millennials and Generation Z, young people would rather stream paid music than listen to the songs on free TV stations. Surprisingly, most video streaming networks aren't new. Netflix launched in 1997 while Hulu was founded in 2007.

People started taking movie streaming networks seriously at the beginning of this decade. As of 2017, 61% of US young adults watched TV online. Around 150 million people are subscribed to Netflix while another 25 million stream movies on Hulu.

These numbers are expected to keep on rising as smart TVs and streaming service provides get competitive. With cable networks being overly expensive, the future looks bright for online TV networks.

Working Online
Twenty years ago, few people would dare to leave their day jobs to start a career working online. Fast forward in 2019 and thousands of people do it every month. So, you hate your low salary as a teacher? Become an online tutor. Your web design job doesn't pay well? Start a website.

It only takes 45 minutes of your time to start a simple website. With the help of sites like, finding a website builder is a breeze. Most of the builders have thousands of templates. Your work will only be to choose a template suited for kind of online business you want to start.

Besides website builders, the Internet is full of free and paid services that can help you succeed. Social networks help you market your website. Freelance websites help you get content writers, web designers, and SEO experts as your site grows.
Online Learning

Studying online isn't exactly a new thing- -but gone are the days when people used to underrate it. Days when people who had studied online struggled to find jobs are over. These days, Internet-based learning is what's popular with people who lead busy lives.

Professionals with day jobs look up online colleges the moment they feel like expanding on their knowledge. High School students have been buying SAT Prep Courses online for a while now. Almost anyone that wants to learn something new can rely on the Internet for help.

But like with every other business, not every college is worth paying for. Some online colleges are better than others. Before you pay for a master's online program, shop around for colleges. Look up their courses, their staff and their capabilities to offer what they promise.

People Investing in Online Security
Online classes login details, banking information, Netflix passwords, and online dating account details must be secured. And while people were reluctant in securing their smart devices, that is quickly changing.

People are more informed about the importance of Internet security. You've probably received security alert messages by Google after someone tried to break into your email account. Did you follow the tips_ they gave you? If you did, you are on the right track.

Securing your computers and mobile devices is probably one of the most meaningful trends of last year. Cases of Internet security breach have been rampant for years, leading to millions of data and money lost in the process.

Having a working antivirus and a reputable antimalware program are the basics for keeping your devices secured. Set strong passwords and change them regularly. Avoid downloading files from suspicious sites and don't share your passwords with strangers.

Online Banking
Before bitcoin took a nosedive in value, it was being routed to be the next major mode of banking. To date, some people work and get paid through the cryptocurrency. They shop online using the coins and rarely visit their banks.

Bitcoin aside, online banking is fast becoming an acceptable banking method. You can purchase almost anything on the Internet anyway. With money in your e-wallet, you don't have to worry about movie tickets or buying groceries. You can even order pre-prepped meals to ease your cooking work after work.

If you want a loan, one hour can't end without getting a loan online. Services like and Lending tree lend you money as soon as you create a profile and pass their survey questions. They mostly lend loans for business but you can also seek money to cater to emergencies.

Businesses Moving to the Cloud
Visit any progressive business you know. The payment processing machines they had 10 years ago are probably no longer in use. Their fax machines work online and phone numbers use the Internet. Virtually everything that can be done online to save money or improve security is being done online.

For most businesses, it all begins with creating a website. But now that having a site is almost a requirement, subscribing to VOIP services to lower costs is the new business trends. When it comes to payments, online POS systems are the only systems in use. Almost all data is stored on the cloud albeit with some offline files for security reasons.

If you are a business that hasn't figured out how to tap on the cloud, you are missing a lot. What you pay to store data offline will probably be cut into half by moving to the cloud. Doing background checks online and hiring staff from job boards will further reduce your expenses and move with time.

To Conclude
Getting services online is the in-thing nowadays. Whether that means shopping online or watching movies on Netflix- -people are more reliant on the Internet. For businesses, doing businesses online means saving on operational costs and expanding their customer bases.

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