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5 ways to protect yourself when gambling online

by Staff Writer
05 Jun 2019 at 23:02hrs | Views
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It's fun and easy to gamble online, but there are also risks involved. Use the following tips_ to bet online safely.

There's nothing like the thrill of betting. Usually, that is associated with banging elbows with your degenerate brethren at a casino, but that can often be a hassle.

You have to make the drive, deal with all the smoke, pay mind to table etiquette and get coaxed into slots and tables you should probably just ignore. It can be a ton of fun, too, but there is some negativity attached to casino trips.

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where you can gamble at home, either on your phone or computer.

I personally prefer the latter, as you can rest comfortably on your couch or bed, cascading your chest with potato chips and soda as you place a winning bet after winning bet at trusted online casinos.

Of course, there is a downside to betting online.

When you can't visibly see who is hosting your bets and where your cash is going, you can't always be sure you're gambling in a safe manner.

To help make that process easier and eradicate any bad feelings you may have about betting online, let's go over five ways to protect yourself when gambling online:

Use Gambling Sites You Can Trust

Rule number one when gambling online is making sure the betting sites you use can be trusted. Most reputable gambling websites have been around for a while and have pristine user feedback.

Be sure to look for sites that offer great bonuses, promotions, wagers and odds, but first and foremost actually pay out your winnings.

You can get all the information you need rather easily, as there are loads of gambling site reviews online. Hit up gambling forums, website reviews, your favorite search engine and social media to vet any sites you plan on betting at.

Blacklisted websites are obviously a no-no, while sites that are notorious for slow or non-payments are best left avoided. Find safe, trustworthy sites that also offer a fun experience and you're unlikely to be disappointed.

Withdraw Winnings Frequently

Even after you locate these trusted online casinos, a great practice is to withdraw your winnings on a regular basis. Laws get passed, sites get sketchy and money goes missing.

Protect yourself from the unknown by periodically cutting your bankroll to ensure you actually get the money you won. I totally get the allure of having a fat bankroll staring back at you from your computer screen, but what good is it if you never can use it?

A better practice is to withdraw a good percentage and just move it to your savings account. If your bankroll dwindles on your favorite gambling site, just reload at a later date.

In addition, to protecting yourself while gambling online, you'll also feel like you're winning more each time you see that money move from a betting site to your bank account.

Change Your Passwords

Most people assume the sketchiness affiliated with online gambling has to do with where you play. That can definitely be the case, but you also want to protect yourself from online hackers.

There are always going to be people trying to steal your identity or any money they can get their hands on. Be diligent in using unique passwords and changing them at least once a month is a pretty good idea.

You can even keep switching up your payment and withdrawal methods (or at least also changing the passwords for those as well) as often as possible.

It can be annoying and time-consuming, but maintenance, in general, is rarely fun. Taking the time to protect yourself will make your online gambling experience far less hectic. Then you just need to worry about winning.

Use a Private Computer

This probably goes without saying for most people, but a great piece of advice is to just play on your own devices and with a stable, safe internet connection.

Betting online at the local library, Starbucks or internet cafes (do those still exist?) isn't encouraged.

I know passing up that opportunity can be tough and gambling from your phone using Target's Wi-fi is also enticing. I mean, how long does it take our spouses to pick out one article of clothing?

You have more control over who can tap into your information if you can restrict access and block out external issues. Going the extra mile and purchasing identity theft and internet security packages isn't a terrible, either, especially if you bet online a lot.

Don't Play With Real Money

Lastly, if you're afraid of some of the risk of gambling online, you have two less appealing options; don't gamble or just play with free money.

Flat out not gambling isn't really the best route, as it's loads of fun and potentially very profitable. But you can actually go a long way without putting in any of your own cash.

Most of the best online casinos offer a variety of promotions and bonuses. They usually require you to make an initial deposit, but some sites get customers by offering signup bonuses that require zero real money.

It may take some time to play through the bonus before you actually see the cash, but free money is still better than no money (or losing real money). You can also take advantage of free rolls and other free contests sites tend to offer.

Ultimately, there is probably going to be at least some level of risk every single time you bet online.

However, you can absolutely take measures to limit the risk and feel pretty comfortable before placing any wagers, whether it be for sports betting or casino games. Hopefully, these online gambling tips_ can help ease your mind a bit.
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