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How to watch US Netflix in South Africa?

by Staff Writer
17 Jun 2019 at 14:16hrs | Views
Who doesn't love Netflix? It's the leading name when it comes to online streaming services, with a whopping 150 million paid subscribers worldwide. It has a massive catalog of TV shows, documentaries, and movies from big media companies like Warner Bros, Paramount Television, etc.

That's not the only reason for Netflix's success, however. It also produces an absurd amount of original movies and TV series that have garnered critical acclaim from viewers and critics across the globe. While a Netflix subscription can be purchased from almost any country, including South Africa, there's a catch.

American Netflix has the most extensive content library

The US version of Netflix is considered to be the best as it provides a larger selection of content as opposed to other countries where the streaming service is available. You have a choice of more than 7,000 titles, and the list continues to expand.

On the other hand, Netflix SA only has a library of over 4,200 titles. If you're living in South Africa, you won't be able to watch as many TV shows and movies as someone living in the US. Why the disparity, you may wonder?

Why is US Netflix inaccessible in South Africa?
There's a different available catalog in each country because the streaming giant has to abide by copyright rules and distribution contracts with the production companies. As a result, Netflix is only allowed to show certain content in some countries.

To comply with these agreements, Netflix implements geo-restrictions which keeps subscribers from viewing content from the US (or any other region's) library. This means that if you try to access US Netflix from South Africa, you'll be shown an error message.

Fret not, though! We have a tried and tested solution that will allow you to get around these roadblocks to watch US Netflix in South Africa. All you have to do is set up a virtual private network (VPN) on your streaming device, and get a US IP address.
Here's more.

How to Get US Netflix in South Africa?
In case you didn't know, Netflix uses your Internet Protocol (IP) address to find your approximate location. So, when you access the streaming service, it'll see that your connection is originating from South Africa and redirect you to the local library.

To access the US library of Netflix, you need to change your virtual location to the United States, and this is precisely where a VPN can help. Without further ado, follow these simple steps to watch US Netflix in South Africa:
1.    Sign up for a VPN service that works with Netflix, such as PureVPN
2.    Download and install the easy-to-use app on your preferred device
3.    Select Streaming as your mode
4.    From the "Popular Websites" tab, choose US Netflix
5.    With a US IP address, you'll become eligible to watch the content on US Netflix!

PureVPN - The Best VPN for American Netflix!
If you need a Best South Africa VPN to watch American Netflix, there are a plethora of options available in the marketplace. However, the truth is that not all of them are compatible with the popular on-demand streaming service!

You'd want to use a VPN that Netflix can't detect, and our top recommendation is the Hong Kong-based PureVPN. Unlike other VPN services, it doesn't slow down your Internet and provides a seamless and buffer-free Netflix streaming experience.

This is made possible by a humongous network of 2,000+ VPN servers, which are specially optimized to deliver the fastest speeds. Moreover, with your real identity hidden, never again will you have to worry about issues like ISP throttling.

PureVPN also provides 300,000+ IPs to make you anonymous online, keeping you safe from bans that Netflix enforces on its users for trying to access another region's content.
 Furthermore, top-of-the-line encryption is used on all the connections for secure streaming.
There are fast and intuitive apps/clients available for all major desktop and mobile platforms, but you can also set up their VPN on router to ensure complete US Netflix accessibility for both yourself and your family.

Note: We'd advise that you avoid free VPN services at all costs as they gather and sell your personal data to third-parties for a profit!

Wrapping Things Up
Want to enjoy unlimited access to US Netflix in South Africa? Equipping your device with a robust VPN service like PureVPN is essential. It'll assign your device an American IP address in just a few clicks, tricking Netflix into thinking that you're located in the US.
Apart from being able to watch US Netflix, you can also unlock CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. PureVPN works with all of these entertainment options, and even comes with a risk-free 31-day money-back guarantee giving users plenty of time to test the service out!

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