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The future of Slot Machines

by Staff Reporter
25 Jun 2019 at 11:18hrs | Views
Despite restrictions, laws and other problems, slot machines survived and became very popular. The story of this entertainment began in the basement where Mr.Fey created the first prototype of machine with symbols. The player put the coin, pulled the lever and waited for a combination. Since then, the rules have not changed, but the size of the bet has skyrocketed. At first, players received primitive rewards in bars (beer/cigars), but today, they win real money and even become millionaires. Probably, Fey never thought that he would become the "father" of the billion-dollar industry that is developing in all points of the Earth.

The first slot machine appeared in all bars and saloons. There were entrepreneurs who copied the game's algorithms and released new models with new symbols. Since then, competition among manufacturers has been growing every day. Modern games are equipped with beautiful designs, original interface and huge payoffs. To make the gameplay more convenient, the developers also added buttons that help gamblers to bet and select the number of winning lines. The principles of the game have changed too. Game models used to have only one payline. Fortunately, modern online slots offer Wild symbols that replace standard pictograms, Scatters that trigger bonus rounds and many pay lines on which combinations appear.

Perspectives and Forecasts of Experts

Today, mechanical gaming models are a rarity in the modern gambling business. Almost all models are controlled by micro-processors. This technology gives casino operators excellent opportunities. So, they can analyze the behavior of players, bet sizes and other information. The developers and operators of online casinos are looking for new perspectives and use all available technologies. Gamers can play on iOS/Android smartphones anytime, anywhere. Of course, this trend will continue in the future when manufacturers implement all the ideas. If you follow the trends and updates, then you know that Samsung Gear VR/HTC Viv/Oculus Rift are ready to surprise gamers and give them new sensations.

The Case With Legality

The gambling business suffered in 1906, when a terrible earthquake hit San Francisco. This catastrophe provoked large-scale fires in the area and also destroyed all large enterprises. Fortunately, players and entrepreneurs recovered the industry quickly. But this was the only positive point. Representatives of religion accepted the earthquake as a sign of God and spoke out against gambling. Over the next 3 years, casino players and operators had problems with religion representatives who tried to get the attention of the government. In 1909, slot machines (their prototypes) were banned on the territory of San Francisco. After 12 months, slot machines were banned in California and Nevada.

This ban had a negative effect on the economy of Nevada, so local authorities returned the game halls in 1912. Meanwhile, Liberty Bell Gum Fruit became popular in other states. Yes, the game had a banal design, but despite this, players liked the principles of the game. The number of game models increased every year and after a few years it has become a part of the mafia. At NY Frank Costello led all gaming halls and he fought Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. After Frank Costello's penalty, the mayor of New York destroyed all slot machines. Nevertheless, the number of gamers as well as the number of games did not decrease.

Today, the US still has some limitations, but they do not affect the popularity of slot machines, which are also available on the Internet. In addition, they are an integral part of any offline casino.

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