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Gamification and its impact on the online gambling sphere

by Staff Writer
07 Aug 2019 at 11:40hrs | Views
Chances are you have experienced gamification multiple times, even you don't realize it. Gamification is a marketing strategy used by businesses to enhance customer experience and increase brand loyalty. By creating a fun and interactive user-experience, businesses seek to gain and - more importantly - keep the attention of consumers. But what exactly is gamification and what impact does it have on online casino gambling sites? Keep reading to learn more about this increasingly popular marketing tool.

What is gamification?
Simply put, gamification is the utilization of gaming elements in non-game applications. Gamification most often includes a cumulative rewards system that offers prizes and incentives to check in with the host site on a daily or weekly basis. Social elements, such as avatars and ability to "like" posts, provide users with a personalized experience. Achievement elements, such as leaderboards and badges, provide users with a sense of accomplishment and a reference as to how they compare to others.

Gamification can be used across industries to engage consumers and entice them to come back for more. In addition, gamification is an effective recruiting tool used by corporations and government agencies seeking to increase employee engagement and attract new members.

How does it impact online gambling?
As the competition among online casino sites increases, so too does the use of creative marketing strategies. While looking for the best online mobile casinos New Zealand players paying attention to lots of things, and unordinary playing solutions is one of them. Gambling platforms apply the basic gamification elements (rewards, social, and achievement) to enhance the player experience.

Rewards elements
Rewards elements are intended to reward returning players for their loyalty. For example, a player may receive a prize for every consecutive day that he logs into his account. Incentives become progressively more valuable as the number of consecutive log-ins increases. Players may receive free spins, comp points, and exclusive discounts. Other examples of rewards elements include rewarding players for playing a set number of games, or for trying out specific game titles.

Gambling platforms employ rewards elements to encourage players to continue gambling on their platform and reduce the number of players that choose to visit competitor sites.

Social elements
Social elements are designed to personalize the experience and make the player feel that he is part of a larger community. The online casino site awards prizes to players for social media activity including, referring friends, posting player stats, or "liking" the casino. Players might also be given a prize for completing an activity, such as downloading an app to their mobile device. Public profiles, avatars, and customized usernames serve to connect the player to the platform by personalizing his experience. Some sites even offer chat and live forums that enable players to directly connect to one another.

Online casino sites recognize the power of social media. They enjoy the benefits of increased brand-awareness through player-powered, word-of-mouth advertising.

Achievement elements:
Achievement elements appeal to a player's competitive nature. Leaderboards allow a player to view his stats and compare his rank to other players. Visual cues like badges or trophies can be displayed on a player's profile to highlight his accomplishments and signal his rank to the community. Interactive elements, like tournaments and group events, serve to further immerse a player in the virtual community of the online casino site.

Individualized achievement rewards, such as invites to exclusive VIP programs and members-only offers, make players feel valued.

How does gamification affect players?
Online casino sites employ gamification strategies to increase player retention and benefit the site. However, gamblers themselves enjoy benefits too.
First, gamification offers players a multitude of valuable rewards in the form of bonuses and prizes.

Second, gamification offers players an immersive gambling experience and a community of like-minded players to connect with.

Third, gamification offers insights about a player's own status by providing public forums and posting comparative stats.

Last, but certainly not least, gamification is fun! The fierce competition between online casino sites means better experiences for online gamblers. Who among us doesn't want to be entertained?

Final thoughts:
Gamification is a win-win situation; online casinos enjoy player retention and players enjoy an enhanced gambling experience. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by reaping the benefits of gamification.

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