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5 ways to combine traditional and digital marketing

by Staff Writer
09 Aug 2019 at 21:25hrs | Views
As a business owner you probably already know that marketing has greatly changed over the years. The same basic concept is still there, but technology has greatly changed the way that businesses are going about their marketing strategies. The main concept of marketing is to get your brand out there so that it will be exposed to more eyes. However, with today's technology, the Internet really gives businesses the ability to get their brand out there to specific audiences. In other words, your product and service will be distributed to the individuals that are most likely going to buy or invest. That being said this doesn't mean that you can't combine traditional marketing strategies with digital marketing strategies to create a unique marketing strategy.

Combine Billboards With Geotargeting
Billboards are the time old way of advertising and marketing. These billboards not only will reach 90 percent of the local population, but you can now combine them with geotargeting to make them more effective. When a person drives by the billboard it will send a banner ad to the driver's smartphone. In addition to this, billboard rental only costs about a third of what it did in previous years.

Magazines With Digital Content
Most people will tell you that print is dead. Sure, there are a lot of online publications and digital content out there, but the print is far from dead. The magazine industry is still holding its own and they are often geared toward niche audiences like business, travel, antique cars, fitness, or driving. If you can find a magazine that targets your niche, you can rest assured that an ad or two will reach your desired audience. When taking out a magazine ad make sure that you inquire about getting listed in their digital content as well.

Take Advantage of Newspapers With Online Ads
It is true that there are fewer and fewer newspaper publications available today, but this can be used to your advantage. Since you are a locally based company a local newspaper will be right up your alley. Just check out the advertising section and you will find that it is extremely thin. This is good because you can get bigger ads for much cheaper prices. These newspapers also offer online publications so get hooked into that side of the business as well. This is a great option for companies offer Sbobet and other games. People want to play games for real money and using newspapers with online ads will help them find your business.

Television And Video Ads
Most people are cutting the cable cord, but there is still a large audience hanging onto their cable subscriptions for the news and other local shows. If you can effectively figure out when and where to place your ad, you will be able to get a spot for much cheaper than you could in the past. However, what will be more beneficial will be the online side of the business. Many cable TV networks offer online streaming, which is where most people are focused these days. If you can create an ad on one of these stations, you are going to be set.

Take Advantage Of Radio And Streaming Ads
With all the streaming services out there you wouldn't think that the radio is still popular, but there are people that have their favorite stations. They listen to them in the morning on their way to work and with today's technology they can even listen to them throughout the workday from their computers. If you can get both broadcast and online spots, you won't have a problem getting your brand out there to the world.

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