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The rising popularity of online gaming

by Staff writer
16 Apr 2021 at 17:48hrs | Views
Every passing day marks a further development in the world's pursuit of technological efficiency. Land-based betting establishments are slowly becoming a thing of the past and online gaming is swiftly rising in popularity. At least 30% of the population of the African continent now participates in some form of online gaming.
Although soccer remains an unbeatable favourite among Africans, horse racing, athletics, rugby and boxing are also popular among bettors. The European Leagues, such as the English Premier League and La Liga, are favourites among many.
With Africans being such great sports enthusiasts, a number of sportsbooks have been motivated to venture into the African market in recent years. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya have proved to be among the fastest-growing iGaming territories in the world, making business opportunities on the continent ever more enticing. And as the second-largest continent, it is no wonder investors are flocking to get a slice of this developing gold mine.
Below we take a look at the key factors responsible for the growth of online betting.
Mobile sports betting
Online gambling could not be half as prominent as it is today had it not been for the growing accessibility to smartphones. Affordable smartphones have accelerated the growth of mobile sports betting. As more people obtain smartphones, more will possibly be tempted to play.
Mobile sports betting accounts for much of the growth of internet betting in Africa. Since the rise of internet accessibility, players are spoilt for choice, with the best online betting sites at their disposal at any given time.
South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are estimated to have raked in $40 billion from their iGaming market in 2018, and that number is ever-growing. The African iGaming industry has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, showing consistent growth through the years.
High unemployment rate
While the use of mobile phones in many countries is typically to serve as communication and sharing devices, that isn't always the case in developing African countries, where these devices are much more than just social tools. With many of the educated youth unable to find employment, many turn towards mobile betting with hopes of winning money to help achieve a better quality of life.
As wagers can start from as little as $1 and less, the online gambling industry remains an ideal place for unemployed bettors.
In Zimbabwe and wider sub-Saharan Africa, young people make up the largest percentage of gamblers using smartphones.
Relaxed iGaming regulations
Europe and America have very strict online gambling regulations in place in order to protect players against fraud, making it hard for betting companies to establish markets. However, Africa has more relaxed betting laws.
As developing nations, most African countries welcome foreign markets that are believed to benefit the countries and customers. South Africa boasts of being the only African country with highly regulated markets, albeit still friendly. These relatively relaxed regulations have come to attract international online sports betting companies to invest in the country.
Due to the above-mentioned iGaming regulations, gambling companies are able to take advantage of marketing strategies that aim to bringing awareness to their offers.
Companies invest a chunk of money into marketing budgets, as the results are sure to pay off. Marketing can take place in the form of television, radio or social media advertisements.
Marketing strategies used to attract new players and retain existing customers include offering bonuses and high payouts to entice the audience.
Data-free gambling
Data-free gambling for mobile betting is beckoning in Africa. Selected betting companies are now offering facilities for players to place bets without having to spend a single penny on data.
With data bundles being a luxury commodity due to their high cost, a data-free betting site is bound to attract a myriad of players. Without having to worry about the cost of data and wifi connectivity, customers are able to invest more in betting activities.
This comes after ongoing feedback from South African and Nigerian bettors calling for cheaper data options, with bettors disputing high rates charged by telecommunications providers, as data remains more expensive in Africa than anywhere else in the world.
The rising popularity of online gaming is influenced by many factors, including mobile sports betting, marketing, laws and regulations, and employment rates, to name but a few.
The African population's love for sports and betting is bound to keep the continent's growing economic power steadily rising to stand next to giants such as Sweden and Denmark in the future.

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