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What is SafeTrading and how does it work?

by Staff writer
08 Jul 2021 at 21:53hrs | Views
This project has started with two newbies in the crypto world, Andreas and Sam, but they had some experience in these themes, so you should not be worried.
Safetrading is a marketplace where people like traders are gathering.
This platform is suitable for beginners and for the people who are working with cryptocurrencies for a lot of years.
Here you can see the information about different traders, crypto signals channels, exchanges and so on.
SafeTrading does not lie to the audience and all the information is full and detailed without any changes because people must know the truth before the start of the trading.
The only changes we make concern the mistakes in the reports provided by the Safetrading team or minor discrepancies in the reports from trader-consultants.
Traders who will try to ask for change of data about their channel will get the tag of scammer and all of his channels (Does not matter old or new) will get the status of Not checked or even scammer.
This tag is for channels which have proved that they are real and there are experienced traders behind them.
The Safetrading crew is always checking the info till the very details so you can be sure about different channels and their owners. It is very hard to get the tag "Approved".
Not checked
This tag does mean that the channel didn't give all the info which must be given or the SafeTrading crew didn't check all the data till the end.
They can be dangerous, so you should avoid them as well as scammers.
This tag is given only when admin of this channel:
-    Took that payment, gave the access to his special channels, but the data posted there were not a true ones;
-    Didn't get on their channel.
Such channels must be avoided in 100% of all cases!

If the Safetrading crew can't have all the data about the company, then the rating will be in the kind of stars where 1 star means the worst and five the best channel.
If the Safetrading crew knows everything about the crypto signals of this channel, you can see all the data like the pluses and minuses about their signals and e.t.c.
There you can see how good the support system in the channel is and how fast you will get the answer to your questions.
Here you can see all the info about payment for the entrance to their channel and is it worth it at all, since if the channel has cases where they win less than they should, then is it okay to buy their subscription?
Minimal Listing on Safetrading Requirements

-    Channel has title
-    The link itself
-    The main info about trader
-    How to contact
-    How much years have trader spent
-    The homeland of the trader
-    Which languages speaks
-    How much people in there
-    Does it has chat with all other users
-    The days on which you buy subscription
-    How much does it costs
-    Maximum number of people inside
-    The type of crypto signals
-    How much signals will you get for one month

MLSDev is a company that creates amazing web and mobile apps for entrepreneurs and startups in a cost effective and timely manner based on the philosophy of Lean. This company helped SafeTrading to become the way it is now.

MLSDev specializes in providing one-stop solutions for web and mobile development. They work in accordance with agile methodologies to ensure the best results while reducing development budget and time frame. They also gave their developments to the SafeTrading and also a lot of different consultations about work processes and the product we have.

Their mission is to maximize the potential of our clients' business ideas through innovation. The main goal of our team is to create a product that can bring you profit. We care about your success and approach each project from a minimal point of view in order to minimize all possible risks and ensure fast processing. As a result, the final product we supply fully meets the market demand.

Final ThoughtsThe main aim of the SafeTrading's crew is to help you to save your money and be in the state of confidence about some channels.
They have so much experience, so it is very easy to get all the info about channels and their owners, so you can be sure about the main things and data.

Also it is very important to mention that if the channel has free crypto signals, then SafeTrading's crew is searching even deeper since mostly they can be scammers because of "Pump" system and these signals are mostly just lies, so you need to think twice before doing something with them.

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