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Exploring the rise of the online casino

by Staff Writer
22 Mar 2022 at 12:56hrs | Views
The brick-and-mortar traditional casino dates to Italy in the early1600s. Evidence shows Venice's Ridotto was in full operation in 1638. Of course, gambling goes back much further to the Old Stone Age "Paleolithic period. This is proof that humans have always desired challenging entertainment. In the 14th century, Japan was beginning to develop its own gambling industry. It was centuries later when the United States began delving into gambling activities.

A Brief Gambling History

Unfortunately, gambling prohibition forced the mafia and other operators underground. The Hoover Dam construction pushed thousands of contractors and other workers into Las Vegas. This pushed gambling back to the forefront for legal consideration.

In the 1940s, the State of Nevada joined forces with Las Vegas officials to grant American businessman, Tommy Hull a gambling casino license. Hull established his first casino, with an onsite hotel in what would later be known as the Vegas Strip.

A series of casino hotels were established on the Vegas Strip. One of the most popular is known as the "Flamingo," founded by Bugsy Seigel, a renowned mobster.

2013 - A Notable Change In The American Casino Industry

State and federal regulations prohibited Internet gambling for over half a century after prohibition was lifted in Nevada. New Jersey is the first US State to legalize Internet gambling. Multiple US states - Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Delaware, and Nevada – followed suit.

Today, online gambling has soared to the top of the casino industry for many reasons. It is unfortunate for people who enjoy gambling to not have access to land-based casinos. People residing in rural and suburban areas cannot access brick-and-mortar casinos unless they want to drive or fly to another city or state. Such a drive could be one or 12 hours just to access a land-based casino.

Thanks to the legalization of Internet gambling this is beginning to state. Online casinos like Magic City Casino are taking the industry by storm.

Added Convenience

One of the main reasons consumers are switching to online casinos is the added convenience. It is much easier to play your favorite games from home using a computer. You can even play using a smartphone or tablet. Regardless, you don't need to leave home. As a result, you can wear whatever you want and you don't have to worry about placing a lot of wear and tear on your automobile. The combination makes online casinos cheaper, safer, and more convenient.

Better Internet

Another thing consumers should understand is that the Internet is better than ever before. In the past, people were forced to use slow, dial-up connections. Unfortunately, they weren't fast enough to play the latest online games. Today, most people have access to faster Internet. These individuals can play all types of games online because their Internet connections are faster than ever before. You can rest assured knowing the game will load quickly and you won't experience any lag.

Ultimately, online casinos offer a wealth of fantastic benefits, including added convenience, safer fun, and more games.


Online gaming is growing immensely for an array of reasons. Consumers appreciate the fact that they can play their favorite casino games from anywhere including their homes. As a result, they can remain comfortable and safe behind closed doors. There is no need to drink to the local casino and risk getting into a vehicle accident. Plus, the risk of muggings and robberies is significantly reduced. The only potential downside is the cyber security risks. Use good antivirus software and be careful when dealing with phishing emails.

Take these steps and you'll enjoy playing these games from home instead of going to a local casino.

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