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3 Apps all Apple users should download on iOS 11

by Tech Reporter
23 Nov 2017 at 07:24hrs | Views
iOS 11 has had its share of troubles. It decimated battery life on many phones. It autocorrected the letter "i" to A ⍰. There have even been a few security threats that were only possible because of the update. These problems have led to Apple rushing out new updates with fixes, and a bigger iOS 11.1 update.

However, there's no doubting that iOS 11 comes with some great features. One of these features was initially introduced behind the scenes. App designers were offered Apple's ARKit - which made augmented reality far easier and more effective.

Now, while these apps should never be at the top of of your list - those places should go to the best VPNs, password protection, and other apps that improve online security - they come close behind.

There's a good reason apps have been flying off the proverbial shelves. Designers have done an excellent job in bringing us functionality we never had before. The following 3 apps should be on all devices running iOS 11.

1. World Brush

If ARKit is perfect for anything, it's for encouraging creativity. Many apps are now available which teach you to draw, paint, and contribute your vision to the world. World Brush is one of the best. This app lets you create impromptu street art and leave it for others to find. Anyone with the app who comes to the same location will be able to see your "graffiti". You get to have fun with public property without vandalising it!

2. Complete Anatomy

Look, some of you will not be drawn to this app in the way I am. Others will have much more practical uses for it - to help study medicine, or learn for a biology class. However, I love having the ability to explore anatomy in 3D without having to stand over a corpse (or a dummy). The human body is truly fascinating, and Complete Anatomy makes its wonders more accessible than ever. You don't have to be a future doctor to appreciate this app, but it might make a future doctor of you!

3. Fitness AR

This is by far my favourite AR app, and not because I'm a fitness fanatic. I love it because it signifies that we're already in the future! Fitness AR works with the Strava Fitness app to turn your biking, running, or hiking routes into tabletop 3D maps. Yup - all you have to do is use Strava to track your route and Fitness AR will translate it into virtual terrain. Now, when you want to show off how difficult your hike was, you can actually show off your hike. Of course, if it wasn't all that impressive in the first place, the virtual terrain will only give you away. All the more motivation to get fitter!

Source - Byo24News