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Slot Volatility - What is It?

by Staff Reporter
05 Mar 2019 at 16:29hrs | Views
Players new to online casino entertainment often read about the volatility of a slot without understanding what exactly the term refers to. This is simply because most reviews or statistic sites offer only an abbreviated version in explanation. This often vaguely infers that the higher the volatility of a slot is, the better it will pay out without expanding any further on how they judge the slot to arrive at the result.

Slot volatility also referred to as slot variance essentially determines the risk factor of each particular title, commonly expressed as a percentage. It serves as an indicator to the player how much and how often he or she could expect to win dependent on how much risk they are prepared to take.

High volatility slots, by their nature, have become known for serving-up fairly lengthy dry spells interrupted by just an occasional win. However, when that win arrives it will probably be fairly sizable. In contrast, slots ending up lower on the volatility scale tend to deliver wins at a markedly higher frequency. This can occur sometimes with a constant near frequency but with each win delivering a substantially smaller payout value. In our discussion below we expound upon the virtues offered by each. However, to find slots where the volatility levels best suits your particularly preferred playing style, it would be best to refer to one of the leading affiliate sites such as Efirbet. Prime affiliates will provide you with a near endless source of expert advice and information that will guide you to both prime opportunities. They also guide you through the pitfalls and risks associated with the various formats of online casino entertainment and tips, such as how to download the William Hill mobile app.

Volatility Level Ratings

Online casino slots generally fall into one of just three unique categories, high, medium, and low volatility. Each slot's rating and placement on the volatility scale allows players new to the title to easily identify games offering the approximate playing style, risk level, and accordant win values they prefer most. Slots players, as with other experienced online players, develop their own preferred gaming style. Some prefer regular rewards, while others care little about the payout frequency. Those players come fully prepared to play for extended periods that deliver few wins, but each win delivers a significant monetary contribution.

High Volatility Slot Titles
High volatility slots feature a vast differentiation between minimum and maximum winnings, with factors such as jackpot size, have a huge effect. Large jackpots will generally appear in high volatility slots thereby meaning slots featuring jackpots in the multi-millions will offer very high volatility percentage. This is because they are far riskier, but in accordance, potentially also far more rewarding.

Medium Volatility Slot Titles
Slots featuring medium volatility levels become the perfect grounds where players at mid experience levels have the best opportunity to improve their skills and strategy without breaking their bank. It offers a happy medium for players well past the beginner level who requires a greater challenge but respectively delivers greater winning opportunities and larger win values.

Low Volatility Slot Titles
The quickest and simplest identifying characteristic that come as part and parcel of low volatility slots are the relatively small variances between maximum and minimum payout values. These types of slots remain massively popular amongst both new players for their uncomplicated low-risk fun as well highly experienced players who still love playing them for their sheer entertainment value.

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