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Is an iPhone 12 a Worthwhile Investment?

by Staff RWriter
20 Nov 2020 at 13:32hrs | Views
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The latest in Apple's long line of mobile phones, the iPhone 12 is yet another standout device among an already impressive and flooded market. As with any shiny new piece of tech, we're often asked whether or not an upgrade is worth the price. While this question is inherently a very personal one, there are some basic questions you can ask yourself to see if the device is worth the investment.

How Does Your Current Phone Operate?

Probably the most relevant question in a world of excess electronic waste is the level of necessity that a new device holds. From a starting point, this means considering whether our current device can still hold up in its day to day functionality, and where we draw the line of obsolescence.

As long as you perform regular software clean-ups on your mobile, performance should remain fairly stable. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Operating system updates are one example of this, where upgrades that are built for more powerful hardware can slow down older devices. Unfortunately, users don't usually have much of a choice in these updates.

"iPhone" (CC BY 2.0) by GONZALO BAEZA

Also important are performance throttling modes, which can automatically apply to aging phones to maintain battery life. In these instances, toggling the option off and buying a replacement battery might be a better choice over a full system upgrade. If, after taking these into account, you still can't stand your current device, then it can be best to move to the next step.

Realistic Use-Cases

The next step to considering whether you need the most recent form of iPhone is to measure what you want from your next device, and what you could need. When it comes to new devices, we tend to make great plans for how often we'll use their features, only to fall back on established patterns. Look back on what you've used and needed for the last few months, to measure whether an upgrade to the newest model is worth it.

For example, many people on mobile phones use them for low requirement entertainment experiences such as online casino games. Here, the likes of slots, dice, table, and even live games can operate perfectly even on older or lower-powered devices. If this sounds like your typical use, then the most modern iPhone might not be worth the cost.

On the other hand, you could be somebody who uses their mobile for a lot of photos or video footage. The iPhone 12 range is top of the line in this regard, standing head and should above basically all of the competition. For these users, the iPhone 12 would be a significant step up from most other devices, well worth the price of admission for this reason alone.

Finally, deciding whether or not to take the last step on this sort of upgrade means predicting the device's overall lifespan. While the power of the iPhone 12 will make it perfectly operable for at least the next five years, this relies on the user. Many people have bad luck or an unfortunate habit of breaking phones, and if this is you, then justifying the cost of an iPhone 12 might be difficult. Ultimately, whether you choose to go for the latest iPhone range or any other device, just be sure to take your time, and adopt a realistic view on usage and lifespan.

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