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Why the latest iPhone is built for Livestreamers

by Staff Writer
04 Jan 2022 at 13:12hrs | Views
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If you are wondering whether the latest iPhone is suitable for livestreamers, continue reading to familiarise yourself with its various features and upgrades.
In September 2021, Apple unveiled the latest model in its ongoing iPhone franchise in the form of the iPhone 13. It introduced new-and-improved cameras, colours, notches, and chips and, in doing so, cemented Apple's place as the unquestionable pioneer of the modern smartphone.

It is its live streaming capabilities, however, that has excited a growing number of gamers around the world as the smartphone gaming trend continues to gain traction and, perhaps most importantly, welcome a new age of gaming that is set to prevail in the coming years. If you are wondering why the latest iPhone is built for livestreamers, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.
Improved battery life
If you have owned an iPhone since they first burst onto the scene in 2007 or have only recently made the switch, you may be aware of how each latest and greatest model tends to come equipped with an improved battery life. It may, therefore, come as no surprise that the iPhone 13 is home to the longest battery life of any model to come before it. A longer battery life is beneficial for iPhone users for a number of reasons but is perhaps particularly beneficial for gamers that like to livestream from their smartphone.

It is no secret that livestreaming can drain a smartphone battery considerably faster than scrolling on social media. In addition to an improved battery life, the iPhone 13 also features updated low-power displays, a highly efficient A15 chip, and a number of brand-new power-efficient components so you can be reassured that your livestreaming session will never be interrupted by the all-too-common low battery warning.
Better display
If you have ever live streamed from your current smartphone, you will be familiar with how difficult it can be to replicate the one-of-a-kind experience of playing in live casinos from such a small or poor-quality screen. It may, therefore, benefit you to know that the iPhone 13 has a better display than that of former models and, as a result, is built for users that like to game on the go or livestream their online gaming escapades to a sizable audience. If you currently own an iPhone 12, for example, you may not necessarily notice too many differences between your current model and its successor but the minor changes that have been made have led to a much better display overall.

It is the notch on the screen that has probably undergone the biggest difference with a noticeably smaller appearance although only horizontally. In addition, it is also slightly heavier and bulkier than last year's model, but this may be an advantage if you are planning to livestream with your smartphone.
Greater storage
If you are a self-confessed hoarder or just find yourself storing a great deal of images or videos as a livestreamer, you will be pleased to know that the iPhone 13 has been designed with greater storage capabilities than that of any former model. This comes as Apple continues to prioritise storage capabilities with each and every new update and, in doing so, recognise a growing need to cater to the various needs and wants of today's digital consumer.

In previous years, for example, you may have been forced to pay for additional storage if the amount you required was not included with the purchase of the model. With the iPhone 13, however, the base level of storage has been upgraded from 64GB to a staggering 128GB. If this wasn't enough, the iPhone 13 Pro also comes with the option to upgrade to 1TB of storage so you can be confident that splashing out for additional storage or connecting and reconnecting external hard drives on a regular basis is very much a thing of the past.
If you are contemplating investing in the latest iPhone model as a livestreamer, you may have a number of concerns regarding whether or not it is likely to suit your lifestyle. It may, however, benefit you to know that it comes equipped with an improved battery life compared to former models, a better display for replicating the land-based casino experience, and greater storage so you can continue to livestream your online gaming activities to your audience without compromising on quality or quantity.

It may sound like a considerable investment but by weighing up the various pros and cons, it is clear that the latest iPhone is built for livestreamers.

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