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Why run a vehicle history report

by Moyo Roy
16 Oct 2018 at 09:17hrs | Views
Buying a used car is becoming easier with certain assisting online tools built on the databases like VIN check. The underlying principle of such is that there is a huge database with all of the VIN codes containing the full history on each of such used vehicle. When a prospective buyer is making a decision whether to buy a car or not, he or she may take advantage of such online systems to learn more about a car and its particular characteristics.

VIN Check

VIN stands for vehicle identification number and represents a  customary 17-digit figure that includes information about a data of the car. These codes will never be the same for two cars made within 30 years. Thus, they enable to virtually have only one car with such a VIN on the market, preventing buyers from being defrauded or robbed. As regards the location of identification figures in the car, it may be on the interior dash from the driver side, under the hood of the car, or between next to the unit of the windshield washer.

As regards the information one may receive from the free VIN report generated through the website VIN FAX or similar services, such includes:
  • previous ownership: data on past posessions indicates how many people owned the car, as well as the data about the distance when the vehicle was possessed by these different people. Based on this data one may easily understand how hard the car was driven, and its possible life expectancy;
  • liens on the vehicle: buying a car with such history could result in various negative consequences in case the loan would not be paid;
  • history of accident and title: this includes reports about accidents, damage received as a result of flood, and so on. This check also may help to understand whether the car is sold to you by its actual owner.
  • incorrect distance settings and rollback alerts: it is the common situation when the seller tries to present the wrong information to the buyer especially when it comes to the mileage
  • lemon determination: each state has a Lemon Law, which allows the owner to refuse of the vehicle during the guarantee period and the code allows the new owner to learn whether the car was already in use.


VIN Check Platforms

There are generally several most popular and efficient platforms to perform VIN examinations. They offer both free and paid services alike. This has to do with the amount of the data provided, however, free reports usually suffice.

All in all, it is definitely worth checking one's VIN to get all details on the intended purchase, and make sure it is a reasonable investment. Moreover, convenience of such services, their extensive databases, and chargeless report generation make it impossible not to enjoy the benefits of VIN checks!

Source - Byo24News