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Cars used as a measure of wealth

by Staff Writer
14 Jan 2021 at 14:02hrs | Views
Cars have used as a way that people see how much they are worth. That is why whenever we talk about rich or wealthy people there is always the issue of how many cars the person has. As such,, from the dawn of the first car, they have always been as a way that people see how rich they are. However, can cars really used as a means to measure ones wealth or are they just a way that people use to show off?

Does The Number Of Cars You Have Matter?

In places like Asia and Africa the number of cars that someone has been used as a symbol of wealth. It can be equated to the number of cows that one had long ago before the world changed or rather the land that you had.

However, these days, it is now always in the number of cars. We are not sure if this an accurate way to measure wealth or not. Because as it is one can have so many cars but not be able to maintain them and they will simply be used as a way to show off, most of online gambling players own multiple cars .

Therefore, maybe instead of the number of cars, we could maybe consider the type of cars that you have instead.

Type of Car as a Measure of Wealth

There are several types of cars and some of which are relativity cheaper so much that one can several versions of he same car. However, at the same time, there are also those cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley that one does simply buy it out the blue unless you have the money to.  

Take a Rolls Royce for instance it is car that you can buy after you have made an order and therefore it is not a car that you will just find in a car dealership. It is one of those cars that you will need to win the online casino jackpot visit in order for you to be able to afford.

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