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The Ultimate Guide to Esports Betting on

by Staff Reporter
09 Jul 2024 at 07:25hrs | Views
Esports betting has become popular among users worldwide. It is an excellent opportunity to earn some money, while making bets on esport games. 1xbit1 is a good platform, where you can have such an experience. The platform provides users with all necessary tools and resources as well as types of wagers.

What are the Popular Esports Games on 1xbit1?

To guarantee enthusiasts can bet on their favorites esports titles, many of them are offered on 1xbit1 crypto. Some of the most popular games that you can bet on are:

 - League of Legends (LoL): It is one of the biggest esports in the world with multiple markets ranging from who wins matches to who gets first blood or first turret.

 - Dota 2: The depth of strategy in Dota 2 allows for several different types of bets.

 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO): It is a game that has millions of fans and users have a chance to place wagers on match winners as well as round handicaps and total rounds.

 - Overwatch: With its combination features from shooter games and MOBA genre, Overwatch lets players gamble such aspects as – match results, map winners or in-game objectives.

 - Call of Duty (CoD): Match winners, individual player performance or series outcomes are some examples of CoD betting which is another popular shooter game.

Betting Markets
For casual bettors and experienced ones, it offers esports betting markets that are comprehensive. Some common betting markets in esports include:

 - Match Winner: Gamble on the team which you think will win the whole game.
 - Map Winner: Bet for a particular team to win in a specific map within a match.
 - Handicap Betting: Balance up the odds by giving either virtual advantage or disadvantage to a team.
 - Over/Under: Wager on whether some definite statistic (e.g total maps total kills) will go over or below a given number.
 - Special Bets: These may consist of unique occurrences inside games such as the first team to reach a certain milestone like first blood in LoL.

Esports Betting Tips
Consider these strategies as your chances of increase winning:
 - Do Some Research On Teams And Players: Information is power, keep yourself informed about team rosters, player performance and recent form – websites, forums and social media can be helpful sources of information.

 - Understand The Game Mechanics Of The Esports Title: Every esports title has its own set of rules and dynamics – understanding them will help you make more informed bets.

 - Play to the Meta: Patches are common in esports games that can alter the balance of power between characters or weapons. Staying with the current meta gives an advantage.

 - Bet live: Live betting is possible at, where you can make your predictions as events take place on the field. This feature is particularly useful if you understand how the momentum of the game is moving in favor of one side.
Promotions and Bonuses
The website regularly offers promotions and bonuses that cater specifically for those who do esports betting. These could be welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and special event promotions among others.

In Conclusion
The platform offers a complete experience for esports bettors. With wide coverage of popular games, several types of wagers available, ways to increase your chances in it - 1xbit's reputation which has been built over time makes it a good choice for lovers of esport gaming altogether.

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