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by Staff Reporter
20 Nov 2018 at 11:27hrs | Views
AI – the future of threat detection in our homes (
Technology innovation continues to grow as we move into the future of smart homes. There are still the likes of Truedor composite doors, which have transformed the door market and are now a must have addition in many homes across the UK. Here we cover some future ideas that could become that next essential for your homes.

Security cameras are becoming more and more common as people look to keep their homes protected from theft. The cameras are mostly used as a deterrent. The future could be about involving artificial intelligence to this. They could be used similar to that of a human, and a security guard. They could alert the owner as a form of threat detection, which would certainly revolutionise security in not only your homes but workplaces. AI is only going to continue to grow and become more involved in years to come.

Smart homes are looking more and more likely to be the future of our homes. The future is likely to see them become more involved such as helping you to remember to turn off the lights, lock up and to activate alarms around your homes. Devices around your homes are also going to become controlled from your smart phones as we have already seen with coffee machines and cooking devices. The smart kitchen gadgets are the big growing market, which is only going to continue.

Could we yet see data sharing move to the homeowner to improve smart home technology? This could see your fridge ordering you food that you need! Coming soon is also likely to see your homes set the lights and your preferred temperature upon your arrival home following work. The future is all going to be about increased efficiency, in which we move more and more to less manually controlled devices as AI automatically adjusts these for us.

(The future for smart homes)

Voice control is another innovation that we have seen growing in recent times. This has been shown through smart phones. Home technology is only going to further integrate this into our everyday lives. This will see our TV's, home audio and even cars likely to become controlled through voice technology. The future really is bright and breakthrough advancement in technology is only going to continue to grow at a rapid rate as we now move into 2019.

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