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5 Ways technology has changed our music listening experience

by Staff Reporter
04 Sep 2019 at 12:21hrs | Views
Music lovers have benefited dramatically from the onset of technology as it has made music available to everyone, anywhere in the world. No one really knows if we can surpass the technology we have today in the form of streaming apps, downloadable music files, satellite radio. All of these innovations have changed the way we listen to music forever.
Let's look at the five technological advancements that impacted our music experience the most.


YouTube, which started as a video sharing platform 14 years ago, has grown into an official platform for a lot of things. It is a free to use service which was meant for age groups from 12-17 to discover videos and guides, but today it is mostly famous for its music videos and used by almost every age group.

The list of top 30 most-viewed videos on YouTube is dominated by music videos. The most-watched YouTube video, with a whopping 6.41 billion views, is a song called Despacito. Youtube has made videos accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and you can find almost any song with an official, lyric, cover, or a fan-made video on YouTube.

Mp3 Players
Mp3 Players were the real turning point for the music industry and music enthusiasts. Before them, we were stuck to tapes and disks. In the years 1995-2000, the golden era of technology innovation, digital audio compression came into play, and we were blessed with the mp3 format.
Every kid in the 90s era had an mp3 player in his pocket. Sony was the leading manufacturer in that time period. But, as technology advanced, more user-friendly players like the iPod were introduced.

Downloadable Files
Well, if you're a frugal person like me, you would think about why I should pay for something when I can have it for free? Where the 90s gave us mp3 players, they also gave us mp3 formatted files. As soon as the internet took off around the world, mp3 quickly became the most famous format to listen to music.

Youtube made it even easier there are a lot of youtube videos to mp3 conversion websites that let you convert a video on youtube as mp3 download file. All you have to do is place the link of the youtube video in the bar, and you would get a downloadable link of an mp3 converted file.

Streaming Applications
When it comes to streaming applications, Spotify and Apple Music take charge. Music streaming has grown tremendously because of the ease of access they provide. Mobile phones have helped a lot in making streaming applications the most popular way to listen to music nowadays. Most of these applications let you listen to music for free, but to take advantage of extra features, you might have to pay a minimal amount each month.

Satellite Radio

Radio is another technology that helped transform the music industry into the giant it is today. Almost every car has a built-in satellite radio on which you can listen to music for free. Many satellite radio channels are dedicated to music only where you can listen to music on a long road trip.

Before cars, mobiles also came equipped with radio technology, but due to the popularity of streaming apps and music players, they are gradually becoming less and less popular in smartphones.

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