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What do I want from my back hair shaver?

by Staff writer
10 May 2021 at 19:06hrs | Views
What are the best back hair shavers on the market? It is a common question and one that needs constantly updating due to new products out and updated technology. The good news is there are a lot of good back shavers out there already and some at really good value for what you get. So in terms of various features available, what would your ultimate back shaver contain? With so much variety out there and individual taste and requirements varying so much, we set out to find out what exactly you want from your back shaver...

The Fundamentals
Bac shavers contrast from electric shavers in one obvious way. Instead of a foil that you hold right up against your skin to cut the hair at the bottom, a back shaver tends to have a line of exposed cutting teeth. Shaving a back isn't just about attention, it also requires the right tools. Arguably these are;

- Comb style attachments or squarer guards
- Consistency of cut
- Purpose
- Adjustability
- Sturdiness of attachment
- Versatility of trimmer
- Cleaning Mechanism

Where To Begin?
Finding your ideal back hair shaver depends very much on the look you're trying to keep (trimmed or completely gone) but the number one requirement, no matter what style you're going for, is that it can cut consistently to the same length without thinning the hair out or pulling at it. The last thing you want is to come away with a patchy back.

Efficiency Of Charging
Battery life isn't a huge consideration when it comes to a back hair shaver because you tend to only use them for about five minutes at a time, but most tend to last for around an hour between charges. Unless you're going away for an extended period and plan to leave the charger at home, that's more than long enough. Charging stands and cases are nice to have rather than a necessity, but they help to keep things tidy in the bathroom, which shouldn't be taken for granted.

Men can be lazy. Let's be honest, it's far too much effort to chop and change between a nose hair trimmer, wet shave, dry shave, back hair shaver, close trim, long trim, and the best safety razors. It might be great to live in an age where all of that can be catered for pretty quickly but we all want something that can do most of, if not all of those things at once. We don't think twice about using the same razor on our chest and back, might hesitate but don't rule out shaving our face with the same trimmer on more delicate regions. Whatever your personal regime is, we can all agree that convenience is the name of the game here.

When you take the attachment off, could the unguarded blades cope with tidying up the edges? Some are totally waterproof, which means you can just rinse them off after each use and leave them to dry, but others require more maintenance, which can be a real pain.

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