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Zimbabwe's Growing Casino Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

by Mila Roy
31 May 2023 at 17:31hrs | Views
On the global economic landscape, all eyes are steadily shifting over to Africa. Countries on this continent are taking strides in growing. Double-digit growth rates are impossible for the rest of the world, while Zimbabwe and its neighbors achieved them before 2020 multiple times in a row. One of the industries that have helped keep this growth at a normal pace is gambling.

Like in the rest of the world, casino gaming industry trends are showing growth in Zimbabwe. This development is not a surprise, as the latest technologies are pushing this change. Modern casino platforms are on the rise, making the casino and gaming industry much more accessible. In this article, we're going to take a deep dive and explore the state of gambling in Zimbabwe. Let's take a look at the opportunities and challenges for Zimbabwe's growing casino industry.

Zimbabwe's Economy is Growing

As mentioned above, Zimbabwe is on the road to becoming a more economically powerful country. The only challenge for the economy came with the widespread COVID-19, which led to a slowing down in growth in 2020. Otherwise, the country had positive growth for almost a whole decade from 2009 to 2019. Currently, its growth rate is sitting at 8.5%.

One of the things that have recently changed is the expansion in the online casino sector. An increasing number of brands are using the latest technologies to make money transfers simpler. This growth trend will continue thanks to many technologies used in other countries that are already available. Players in Canada are familiar with interac e transfer casino, and online casino players in Zimbabwe already have access to similar technologies. On top of that, various online casinos are already featuring the best offers that are compared on review platforms like Gamblizard.

This growth presents a great opportunity as the casino market will follow. That automatically means that the government will have more money from taxes on gambling. It'll keep the growth steady.

Internet is Yet to Continue Expanding

The whole economy is largely dependent on the growth of the Internet. Currently, only one-third of the population has access to the Internet. Therefore, the opportunity lies in the massively growing market. As the internet gets adopted, new payment methods will follow. In North America, players have access to the best payout online casino in Canada. With the adoption of the latest payment methods, the same will be available to the locals in Zimbabwe. This massive growth will positively affect the whole industry.

An increasing number of brands will join the growing market, creating bigger streams of income for the government.

Gambling Taxes Will Propell Growth

Taxes allow any country to prosper. As the gambling industry keeps growing, so will the government's income from it. Zimbabwe features an annual license fee for all local operators. On top of that, there's a tax rate on gambling revenue. As the economy and number of internet users keep growing, these figures will turn into tens of millions of dollars.

We already see that the same has happened in other countries where the gambling sector has grown. While this sounds positive, there are a couple of challenges to consider.

Potential Challenges

There are some challenges to consider. Like in all industries, sudden growth might potentially create some problems. It comes down to regulating operators and creating a safe and fair environment for everyone. UK Gambling Commission is what keeps things safe in their market, and there's a lot of pressure on the ZImbabwe's counterpart to do the same. However, it's necessary so the population remains safe while playing casino games.

Other challenges just come down to the time it's going to take for the market to grow. Even though the market will eventually be huge, it'll take time to develop. A positive is that the country's economic growth is already encouraging. It means that there's a bright future not only for the gambling sector but many others.


There's a long road for Zimbabwe when it comes to the gambling industry in it. The market is expanding as more people are gaining access to the online world. That's great news for the local economy. But the sudden growth of the casino market should be closely monitored. It's the only way to keep players in the country safe while playing. Luckily, the licensing body is already in place, and the current regulations are promising. We'll have to patiently wait and see the outcome of the gambling industry's growth.

Author's Bio: Mila Roy is a content strategist with a passion for iGaming industry. She enjoys keeping up with the latest casino industry news and reports on the latest changes in different markets. When she's not working, she's having a fun time with her friends and family.

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