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A quick Spydialer review and walkthrough

by Staff writer
25 Jun 2019 at 22:08hrs | Views
Caller ID is now a widely used phone system feature that identifies an incoming caller by name and phone number. Today, most carriers will offer some measure of caller identification for cell phones, some supported landlines and VoIP services.

However, carrier provided caller ID is not without limitations. The network will give only, sometimes out-dated information.

Dedicated applications such as Spydialer reverse phone lookup pick up where the carriers trail off. Spydialer works by scanning and sifting through tons of data to deliver a much more accurate and comprehensive of target number information.

To help a user navigate some common issues related to caller ID in general and reverse number lookup in particular here is a list of frequently asked questions

•    What Is Caller ID?

Caller ID is a feature that provides the name and number of a calling party, if available. Caller ID will typically only supply the phone number of the calling party.  

How Does Caller ID Work?

•    What is a reverse phone lookup service

A reverse phone lookup is a lot like a traditional phone search using a telephone directory or operator assistance. However, instead of searching with a name to find a phone number, you search with a phone number to find names and more.

The idea is to trace a telephone number back to its owner in order and get information on location and identity.

A reverse phone lookup comes in handy when caller id is ineffective, or there is a need for additional information. For a great feature packed phone lookup service provider, click here.

•    How is the caller's number or information determined?

The phone number, along with any other information obtained and displayed from a search result showed, is determined by how much is publically available and legally obtainable.

•    How Do I Change My Caller ID Name and Number?

It is possible to request changes to your caller ID name and phone number.  Some providers require you to call a customer service representative to request while others allow you to change data directly from an online interface.

•    How much does a lookup cost?

Most reverse lookup service providers such as Spydialer provide a free service that pulls up information such as caller name and location.
Paid services are a lot more comprehensive and provide users with data on the owner of the target number such as occupation, people connections, criminal records and more.

•    Is it legal?

Reverse phone lookups or searches are legal in most countries.  Communication laws make it legal to perform and access information via a reverse phone lookup regardless of the type of phone.

Residential fixed lines, business landlines, facsimile and cellular phones are all legally searchable. Though privacy concerns continue to crop up, lookup services utilize only publically available information.

It is, however, worth noting that each country has its laws regarding privacy, and some states have passed laws prohibiting phone number-to-name search services.

For example, the United Kingdom limits the use of reverse search services to law enforcement and emergency services.

•    How will Spydialer safeguard my privacy?

The great thing about Spydialer is that it automatically identifies the people or businesses behind unknown numbers and alerts you to potential spam.

While your phone already does this to some extent, Spydialer takes it to the next level by scanning and retrieving much more detailed data for better and more accurate results.

Spydialer provides its users with up to date and accurate people and businesses information, allowing them to enjoy better-enhanced communication experiences by protecting them from spammers and nuisance callers.

•    What more can I expect from this service?

A reverse phone lookup service is beneficial for parents and business owners, among others.  For parents of minors and teenagers, lookups can provide information on who they are talking to and clue them in on when they should be concerned.

Business owners can also benefit from services and apps like Spydialer by having access to information on who their employees are talking to, or whether a number is calling from a supplier or customer.

Armed with the right knowledge courtesy of Spydialer, you can safeguard your children as a parent and as a business person, keep your employees productive and honest.

Final Thoughts.

Spydialer was designed and built as a free resource for users to gather information about the people or businesses calling them. 

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