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How your business can benefit from OCR technology

by Staff Writer
27 Feb 2021 at 09:03hrs | Views
Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader is the electronic and mechanical conversion of the image typed into machine-encoded text.

OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition and computer vision. Optical Character recognition is a common method of digitizing the printed text. OCR has much significance and uses in business.

Applications Of OCR Technology:
There are many kinds of domain-specific OCR applications. It includes receipt OCR, invoice OCR, check OCR, legal billing document OCR.

Many industries and organizations use OCR technology for multiple tasks. Optical Character Recognition technology can improve accessibilities and enhance security. OCR Technology can translate text from images and generate a digital version of printed and handwritten text.
In the past, OCR was only used for scanning printed textbooks. But now it has advanced features such as reading the text as an advertisement. Image to Text tool is working on the principle of OCR Technology.

OCR Technology is used in banking, traveling, Government, Food industry, Health care, Insurance, Finance, Law, and Online business. Optical Character Recognition technology preventing fraud, increasing accuracy, and making data management easier.
OCR has transformed the travel and tourism industry for information extraction. The main advantage of OCR is that it encodes information that is both machine-readable and human-readable.
Principles of OCR Technology:
There are three fundamental principles of OCR Integrity, purposefulness, adaptability (IPA) that allow humans to recognize objects. These principles are used in OCR software.

All that software must have an image-to-text tool. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is the most advanced algorithm in OCR technology.

OCR Technology uses two ways of algorithms to recognize the printed data with an image.
1.    Pattern Recognition
2.    Feature detection

OCR System used the mechanism of pattern recognition. Pattern recognition is also called pattern or matrix matching - image to Text tool comparing scanned objects with characters stored in the software.

 When the OCR finds relevant shapes that match its reference, you can get an editable file. Feature Detection also follows character recognition by using the set of rules for each character.
How OCR Technology recognize text?
 - Identify the structure of the image
 - Split the page into elements
 - Divide the elements into  words
 - Then divide them into characters.
 - OCR Sofware scanned characters with a set of pattern images.
 - Processing hypothesis and probabilities about the characters.
 - The system makes a decision and gives the user recognized text.

Role of OCR software In business development:
OCR is used for automation and optimizing business processes. OCR Technology makes business more efficient. To Successfully implement OCR Technology, it's important to identify the business goals and evaluate the data from relevant sources.

It allows the user to store the data in the software and protect it. Optical Character Recognition software can offer much better accuracy than human reading.

OCR is not as accurate because it made some mistakes during the process. Prepostseo is the platform that provides free web management, domain, writing, and many other tools.

Many online tools and Softwares provide Optical Character Recognition. Image to text is an online tool that has the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

It is used to extract text from an image file and convert photos to text accurately. Image to text converter by Prepostseo is free of cost, secure to use, multiple language supporters, and has assessability from any device.

Image to text can save your time; no registration and installation is required. You can extract out all of your business documents and save them in one place.

It is easy to turn an image into editable text by upload the image and submit it. Then download the file in the format of a Microsoft Word document.

Benefits Of Optical Character Recognition:
There are some general benefits of OCR

Provide security assessment:
OCR Technology can easily identify user identity. OCR solution can quickly handle personal data like Licenses, passport, insurance certificate, Id card verification. In the past, there were many errors due to manual processing issues. OCR allows commercial institutes to process personal data with minimum errors.

Easy searchability:
OCR is based on the technique that can localize text in an image. OCR algorithms can easily identify all the letters and graphic patterns. The most important factor of OCR technology is recognition accuracy.

Saving time and Storage:
Managing manual paper-based information is an inefficient task. It is also time-consuming and expensive work. Many Companies use the OCR  system to reduce manual work in data management and reduce errors.

Customer Satisfaction.
All the information is available with one click. Customers would be able to access information instantly. OCR allows customer support to handle the problem requiring immediate resolution.

Digitizing historical and other records:
For institutes like museums, it is important to digitize the data and then store the record. Optical Character Recognition enables you to share these records all over the world. It also preserves the cultural documents.

Enhancing Security:
Security is very important in this digital environment. Optical Character Recognition Technology is designed to prevent frauds and insecurities. It saves and secures personal data.

Data usability and accessibility:
The document can easily be edit with OCR. It can also easily convert the file into an editable digital format. It offers you the feature of copy-paste from the document itself. OCR has increased data accessibility. After converting the data to any format such as MS Word or PDF, anyone with permission can access it. OCR also improves productivity and data utility.

Offering assistive solutions.
Employees and users with visual impairment mostly require a digital text document for their convenience. OCR solution can convert the written text into a text-to-speech application.

Digitize Paper document:
OCR software helps businesses to save the record. These records can be archived, searched, and transferred.

Managing Document:
OCR application capable of reading the business card and contacts into digital form. OCR System manage document both handwritten and printed text.
Top-Notch Translation:
Modern OCR is capable of managing and supporting a wide range of languages. In this way, it saves time and money because translators are not needed to translate documents.

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