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Why organizations should consider sharing files as PDF?

by Staff Writer
15 Aug 2021 at 04:48hrs | Views
With PDF, it becomes possible to store all the information of a document in the form of a digital picture which can be viewed, browsed, printed, forwarded, edited and further enhanced. PDF is such a popular document format that from students to professionals would be using it. The popularity of PDF documents can be attributed to their flexibility and simplicity. It is commonly used for handling professional documents and any organization should consider sharing and storing their files as PDFs for the reasons stated below. Even though there are many benefits of working on a PDF document, the main benefits are covered here.

1. It does not leave an electronic footprint
Legality is something that almost all the organization needs to deal with at one point or another. Not all digital documents are treated equally in a court or legal procedure. According to the standard regulation, a document that is unalterable and does not leave any electronic footprint is considered the best option. PDF document is a perfect match for it as it can be created into a read-only document to meet various objectives.
2. It is easy to e-sign a PDF document
One of the biggest hurdles with actual paper and pen signatures is that it involves paperwork and the paperwork can easily get lost. The concept of e-signature makes the entire task a lot more simple. E-signature allows the users to stamp their signatures from almost anywhere. Also, if needed the conversion from PDF to Word is possible. Further, e-signing documents saves a lot of time too and one doesn't need to wait for long to close a deal because of signature delays.

3. Files are safe and secure

When it comes to handling sensitive data, protection plays a huge role. PDF can be easily encrypted to ensure that only the assigned person is able to open the document and perform any action if necessary. Therefore, if you are working for instance in a Word document holding sensitive data, it is always recommended that you convert the Word to PDF and encrypt it to store the information. Also, sharing such encrypted documents via different sources also becomes safe.

4. Compatibility
PDF is compatible with all the platforms and devices. An organization won't need any particular hardware, operating platform, or software to view the application. Compatibility is a huge bonus when it comes to the freedom of examining a document without the need of bothering about whether the format will be supported or not.

5. Compressed document
When a document is compressed into a PDF, it reduces to at least 25% of its original size. The compressed document becomes a huge plus when it comes to saving space in the disk or sending a heavy document via email. Further, the compression makes it possible to access the document faster thus saving time along with space.

6. The format is long-lasting
PDF is a globally recognized format that is used not only by reputed companies and organizations but also by the government. In fact, most of the professional setup expects getting the document in PDF.

7. Compatibility with the long-lasting format
It is also easy to manage non-textual elements in the PDF including images, links, media content and footnote. The hyperlinks which are added in the PDF documents can be used to directly open the link. This is a huge advantage that does not exist in a hassle-free manner document.

8. PDFs are search engine friendly
All the PDF documents are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. This means that search engines can easily find a PDF document when the relevant keywords are used. Also, this makes it possible to integrate a PDF document into any website too.

9. Sharing PDF is easy
We have already seen that PDF documents are compressed versions of the original documents. This quality of the PDF document is perfect for sharing without any major issue in uploading the document. The file can be transferred quickly.

10. When required PDF can be edited easily
There are tons of free online PDF editors which while protecting the privacy of your document allows the user to edit and enhance the PDF document. Almost all the basic versions for editing a PDF are available for free and it can be done easily from any browser working on any platform.

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