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Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto V

by Tawanda Nomatoma
22 Sep 2013 at 04:04hrs | Views
After five years of waiting Rockstar have released Grand Theft Auto V which have already made a huge impact in the history of entertainment industry within three days of its arrival.

Grand Theft Auto V smashed the record for most money made in 24 hours with $800 million sold beating the previous record of $500 million sold on a single day set last year by The Call Of Duty Black Ops.

"Grand Theft Auto V's" release has been met with acclaim across the board, from fans and critics." report by Chirs E. Hayner on Zap 2 it.

The game is the first in the series with a narrative that switched back and forth between three different characters, all of which are playable.

It is really an interesting game with both structured and unstructured material such as making your own money, customizing your own character, owning your own apartment like the amazing Sims.

You can even go further to building your own business like owning your car sells company or making friends and creating a gang. Like the real world its all up to you in Grand Theft Auto V.

The interesting question is what happens once Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come out.

Source - Tawanda Nomatoma