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Zim programmers develop anti-virus tools for Word Documents

by Richwell Phinias
02 Oct 2013 at 10:15hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Information Communication Technology entrepreneurs, Tawanda Katsaruware and Richwell Phinias have partnered to provide anti-virus tools to help computer users repair Microsoft Office documents infected by the virus PianoManCorrupt and fEstasAzulCorrupta viruses.

The virus is mostly affecting tertiary institutes' students and businesses who find their projects and business office computer documents corrupt and unusable. The variation of the virus has been affecting computer documents for the past year and all the major antivirus software so far can only clean computers affected with the virus but cannot repair the corrupted documents.

The few but expensive international software that do the repairs are difficult to access as they require one to have a credit card to purchase and download. Besides it will not be economical to buy a whole software suite when you just want to repair one single document.

 The solution that the two programmers have formulated is a very small downloadable file that when installed on windows computers one can now successfully repair the infected files.

It took less than 24 hours to develop these two solutions.

Richwell Phinias an online marketing expert formerly founder previously helped affected clientele with commercial solutions but after founding out that University student  projects are also being affected he determined a simple and free solution must be found. While on the popular social network Facebook he met up with Tawanda Katsaruware a Harare based programmer who earlier on had released his own Anti-Virus program called VS (Viral Suppressor).

On making inquiries regarding current problem, Tawanda Katsaruware promised a solution right away and agreed it could be distributed for free.

Richwell Phinias connected with Gweru's Midlands State University students getting corrupted files to analyse the virus and create a solution. A few hours later the first version of the solutions was put in pilot phase and it did not disappoint, by end of day a partnership has been born.

Zimtable, Richwell Phinias's new marketing start up is currently doing the Marketing and Distribution work of two Document Repair solutions while Tawanda Katsaruware through his start up Luminsoft continue to develop and improve the product.

Special appreciation goes to Midlands State University students and ITS Director, Mr Liberty Dandira for helping out in the testing phase and initial product distribution.

In future the team hopes to identify solutions for everyday processes and deploy them into the market to create a digital paradise in Zimbabwe.

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