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Keys to a successful System Design Project

by Noreen Sarai
17 Nov 2014 at 05:31hrs | Views

Designing a system can be a very exciting activity as long as you produce the expected results at the end. This has seen many projects either being successful or being abandoned during the designing period. Why abandoning? Most developers or designers are normally faced with the challenge on how to conduct their project. Normally it does not matter whether it's a school project or a project from work; the difficulties faced are normally the same. The question we would want to answer is what then is a successful project and how then can we assure that we obtain a successful system design project?  Successful project can be defined as one that meets the user requirements or in other words the needs of the client. This also depends on some factors that include:

1. Scope of  System Design Project
The scope specifies the work to be accomplished to deliver the system. To obtain this information it's important to first research on the various system design projects that have been done. By so doing you sum up good ideas into your project. Most designers try as much as possible to be over zealous and want to undertake novel projects, which in most cases they do not even understand. As a result the project starts on a poor foundation. This in most cases leads to failure in project as it becomes very difficult to deliver the project.

2. Cost
Some projects are abandoned after the project commences, when expenditure runs above the budgeted costs. To avoid this, it is mandatory for every designer to develop a clear and concise budget for a particular budget.

3. Time schedule

Once a designer is clear on the work needed to be done, it is necessary to plan a reasonable time plan for project execution. Success in a project can never be achieved by random activities as this is very impossible to manage such kind of project. Though, in some instances the time frame can be specified by the client. A project delivered within the given deadline is always termed as a success.

4. Quality
Another key factor to consider for a successful project is quality. Quality is rated according to achievements of the system and user requirements. Hence quality is also dependent on 3 already mentioned factors.

For the system to possess good quality features, potential risks of the system design project would have been also be outlined and mitigation strategies been properly introduced so as to avoid impact. It's necessary to conduct a proper risk analysis before beginning of the project. The risks should be monitored throughout the whole project.

Quality projects can also be affected by the people in system design project team. In most cases the project is done by a team, though in some it may be done by individuals. If it is in a team, it's necessary to have the right people who are able to do the job. Key important thing for the project team is being able to communicate, as this plays a major role in the successfulness of the system design project.

Noreen Sarai (Mrs): Lecturer - Information Security & Assurance Department (Harare Institute of Technology):

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