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In which cases is it profitable to outsource tasks?

by Staff reporter
17 Dec 2020 at 07:20hrs | Views
So, you have an urgent need to reduce the number of tasks for employees, but at the same time to work smoothly and even save money. All this can be done if you attract services of the company on outsourcing. We will tell you about what this concept means and what its main features are in the form of a "question-and-answer".

Today outsourcing is one of the main trends all over the world, because in any business there are tasks that are convenient to outsource, so as not to do them yourself or not to hire staff. An outsourcer can be either a private person (freelancer) or the whole company.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the transfer by a company of part of its tasks or processes to third parties under subcontract. It is an agreement under which the work is performed by people from an outside company, who are usually also experts in your type of work.

What is the essence of outsourcing?

Outsourcing allows a company to focus on manufacturing or creating its key product, without spraying itself in parallel on processes that are additional to it.

What are the advantages of outsourcing for companies?

Outsourcing, of course, has many advantages. The firm, which deals with it professionally, has employees of the appropriate qualification on its staff, and regularly checks and improves the skills of its employees.

Outsourcer companies also have the opportunity to direct the efforts of their company to the manufacture of the product for which they were created. Such companies work more reliable and stable than the employees in the firms, but it is important to know, how to find a good virtual assistant. When concluding an agreement with an outsourcing company, it is possible to fully prescribe any material responsibility.

Main risks of outsourcing:
Speed of service provision. The outsourcing company may not be as fast as your employee in the firm, as it serves not you alone;
Privacy of data storage. If you do not specify this point in your contract, you may be unprotected and your internal information may spread outside the firm;
Failure to combine the functionality of different positions in one person. Sometimes positions are combined in a company so that one person performs the functions of two, if not more, employees. For example, an accountant and a secretary to a manager. In the case of outsourcing, such a combination is impossible to achieve.

How costly can outsourcing be for companies?

Outsourcing is not really costly for a company. If we calculate all the costs of performing a certain process, the outsourcing will be cheaper, more reliable and stable in any case. Nowadays such areas of work in the companies as accounting, IT support, recruitment, marketing, SMM, logistics, transport, courier services, personnel training are often given for outsourcing.

What functions are most often outsourced by the company?

The modern world of technology contributes to the ability to work from anywhere in the world, so the number of outsourcing processes is growing.

In the firm of a small format all the related functions are transferred to the service companies, in particular: accounting, IT support, programming, system administration, legal services, search and hiring of employees, logistics, SMM, call centers, personnel training and many others.

To be fair, it should be noted that outsourcing firms also actively use outsourcing. In the modern world the manager does not have time for many processes, so it is more optimal to transfer them for outsourcing.

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