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Remitly Emerges as Top Choice for Zimbabweans Abroad: Fast, Affordable, and Fee-Free

by Libz Mbanje
29 Dec 2023 at 11:34hrs | Views
In a significant trend, Zimbabweans in the diaspora are increasingly turning to for their money transfer needs, drawn by the platform's favorable exchange rates, vast collection points in Zimbabwe, and a commitment to transparency. This shift highlights a growing preference for digital remittance services that offer speed, affordability, and convenience.

Why Remitly?

Remitly stands out as a digital remittance service with a mission to simplify the money transfer process. Operating exclusively online enables Remitly to keep costs low, translating into competitive exchange rates that benefit users. Beyond the financial aspects, Remitly prioritizes transparency, assuring users that their hard-earned money is protected throughout the journey back home.

Sending Money with Remitly: Easy Steps

To send money using Remitly, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Country Support: Ensure that Remitly supports the country you wish to send money to.
2. App Download: Download the Remitly app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
3. Free Account Creation: Create a free Remitly account (not required for the recipient).
4. Transfer Details: Gather all necessary details for your transfer, including the amount and recipient information.
5. Initiate Transfer: Send your transfer through the app.
6. Stay Informed: Relax, as Remitly takes care of the rest, keeping you and your recipient informed about the delivery status.

Affordable Sending Options from the UK

For users in the UK, Remitly offers two convenient sending options:

- Debit Card Transfer (£2.99): Send money quickly using your debit card for a nominal fee.
- Bank Transfer (£1.99): Opt for a more cost-effective option by transferring funds directly from your bank account.

Versatile Delivery Options for Recipients in Zimbabwe

Remitly provides recipients in Zimbabwe with four flexible delivery options:

1. Bank Deposit: Securely deposit funds directly into the recipient's bank account.
2. Cash Pickup: Recipients can collect cash from designated pickup points for quick access.
3. Mobile Money: Facilitate transfers directly to the recipient's mobile money account for swift access.
4. Debit Card Deposit: Deposit funds directly onto the recipient's debit card for added convenience.

Fee-Free Bank Deposits for ZB Bank and First Capital Bank

In a move to enhance the impact of remittances, Remitly has introduced fee-free bank deposits for recipients at ZB Bank and First Capital Bank. This means more of the sender's money reaches the intended recipient without additional charges, making Remitly an even more attractive choice.

Join Remitly Today

Zimbabweans in the diaspora can join Remitly and experience the convenience of fast, affordable, and fee-free money transfers. To get started and contribute to fee-free bank deposits, use this link: [Remitly - Fast and Affordable Money Transfers]. Simplify your money transfers and make a positive impact on the lives of your loved ones in Zimbabwe with Remitly.

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