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Manager impregnates Bev, frames Andy Muridzo

by Staff Reporter
01 Apr 2017 at 07:03hrs | Views
IN a dramatic twist to the dizzying Andy Muridzo and Beverly Sibanda pregnancy saga, emerged yesterday that her manager, Hapaguti Mapimhidze, is most shockingly the chef responsible for the bun in her oven.

These fresh details of the tumultuous affair emerged three months after Bev's sensational claims that she was two months pregnant, fingering Muridzo as the father after a passionate love affair the two reportedly had last year.

The Dherira hit-maker had come out and confessed that he indeed had an affair with the country's queen of raunchy dance. But now, according to impeccable sources, Bev and Hapaz, as Mapimhidze is known, had been secretly getting hot beneath the sheets for the past three years, but in order to save Hapaz's marriage they had hatched a plan to smear the unwitting Muridzo.

His confession according to one of the Sexy Angels dancers sealed his fate.

"Hapaz is responsible for the pregnancy. They've been sleeping together for some time now and all of us know for a fact that they've been doing so without protection.

"However, Andy fell for Bev and slept with her without protection.

"His confession didn't help matters and instead he played right into their hands," said one of the Sexy Angels on condition she remains anonymous.

The dancer went further to give details on how the two came up with the plan to frame Muridzo.

"They found out that she was pregnant around the end of November last year. At that time, Andy and Bev were getting it on without protection. That's when those two decided Andy was to be the father, because Hapaz has a wife and a family and has more to lose from this than Andy," said the dancer.

She said while Muridzo was earmarked as the fall guy, Hapaz would play a background role in raising the child as he would secretly pay maintenance.

"Bev agreed to the arrangement because she would be getting maintenance money from both men for as long as the baby was alive. That's the price that Hapaz had to pay for keeping the secret safe from him."

When contacted for comment Bev was her usual fiery self.

"Siyanai neni imi vanhu vemapepa!!! (Leave me alone)," she shouted, before hanging up.

Hapaz was at a loss for words.

"I don't know where you guys got that. I'm not going to say anything to legitimise the claim. It's a private matter and let's leave it like that," he said.

But then again, remember that today is April Fool's Day so guess what, you have just been fooled. As far as we are concerned, Bev still insists she is carrying Andy's child.

Happy April Fool's Day!

Source - Chronicle