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The top Zimbabwean entertainers

by Staff writer
06 Dec 2020 at 08:27hrs | Views
It would be hard for anyone to deny that there isn't always a lot going on in Zimbabwe. This is even true with the current pandemic going on. Despite what a lot of locals might think and social distancing in full-effect, there are tons of entertainers still going strong in the country. Not only are some of these entertainers the top in Zimbabwe, but they are some of the top entertainers in the world. That being said, the entertainment industry is a tough one and will always be a tough one. While there is nothing that can be done to make the entertainment world any easier, there are plenty of people who have reached the top of the game in Zimbabwe. Just check out these entertainers and why you should see what they have to offer.

Ammara Brown

Whether you are a fan of Afro-pop or R-n-B, it is highly likely that you've heard of Ammara Brown. This is probably especially true if you are located in Zimbabwe. She is not only huge in the R-n-b and Afro-pop worlds, but she is also currently a brand ambassador as well as an actress. One might say that she does it all. While her father is the legendary Andy Brown, there is simply no denying that Ammara made her own way. Sure she might have had a much easier path than others, but the road certainly wasn't carved out for her. She started her entertainment career at the tender age of thirteen when she made her first demo for her parents and never looked back.

In 2003, she was enlisted as a backup vocalist for her father's band, The Storm. Her fans are some of the most loyal in the world and have earned the title of Ammartians. Ammara recently released a video of her single Loyal which has already surpassed 50 thousand views on the hit video streaming site, YouTube.

Tamy Moyo

Tamy might be one of the youngest Zimbabwean entertainers out there, but she began her career at the early age of seven. She is now currently a passionate twenty-year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist. Her career kicked off at the early age of seven when she started singing for her Grade Two choir at Lusitania Primary School. She later attended Westridge High School. It didn't take long from here before she became a huge star. Just at the age of thirteen, she was already sharing the stage with the likes of international artists like Joe Thomas and Oliver Mtukudzi.

Also, when she was thirteen, she became a child Ambassador for Childline Zimbabwe. This is also when she released her first album titled Celebrate Yo Lyf. It was in 2008 that she spearheaded the formation of the Ugandan African Choir. Along with three other colleagues, she put on a charity gig at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Hope Masike

Anyone that places bets with quality sites like sbobet88 doesn't need to be told that investing in Hope Masike is a worthy investment. She was born in 1984 and is currently referred to as the "Princess of Mbira." Her music shows heavy inspiration from both traditional and modern African culture. She is currently the lead singer for Monoswezi and will continue to have more than a fruitful career, as long as she stays on her current path.

It was at Harare Polytechnic that she initially started studying Fine Arts, but it was at the Zimbabwean College of Music where she really honed her talents and abilities. During her tenure at the college, she studied Ethnomusicology and later had a breakthrough in the music industry. It is extremely important for her to show her influences from African culture bands like Francophone and Lusophone.

Edith WeUtonga

Edith WeUtonga, born as Edith Katiji, is an Afro-jazz and Zimbabwe traditional musician who plays bass and also sings lead vocals. As a songwriter, actor, and music teacher, it is more than safe to say that she literally does it all! She was born in Kadoma, which lies right around 166 kilometers from Harare, and can sign in four different languages. She waited until she finished her secondary education before perusing her passion for music.

It was after this that she attended the Army School of Music at the Brady Barracks. This is located in Zimbabwe's second city of Bulawayo and this is where she soon moved on to the city's famed Amakhosi Township Square Cultural Center. Here, she joined and attended a 6-month musical instruments crash course for women musicians that helped shaped her into what she is today.

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