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Prince Harry's Chelsy parties in Zimbabwe

by Byo24News
19 Jan 2011 at 17:56hrs | Views
Surrounded by male admirers as she parties at a music festival in Zimbabwe, Chelsy Davy clearly does not need a Prince around to have fun.
UK Prince Harry's former girlfriend, Zimbabwean national Chelsy Davy made waves when she appeared at the newly opened Horizon Night Club in Bulawayo on Friday (January 7, 2011) with a group of friends. Chelsy went out with Harry from 2004 up to 2009 when they amicably broke up. 
Miss Davy, wearing a daringly short fuchsia dress, began drinking from plastic jugs of what appeared to be punch at 9pm – and continued to dance, drink and smoke for seven hours.
In what may be a blow to her sometime boyfriend Prince Harry, several male friends were said to be 'very protective' of her, putting their arms around her shoulders.
A week earlier, Chelsy had accepted a £1,000 diamond and gold bracelet as a Christmas gift from Harry, 26.
Sources said he was hoping for reconciliation after the pair split late last year following 25-year-old Chelsy's decision to return to her family in Africa rather than training to be a solicitor in London.
But her carefree abandon at a New Year music festival in Zimbabwe will signal she is not willing to give up the freedom of life in Africa in return for a constrained existence at the centre of the Royal Family.
While Harry spent Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham, Norfolk, his ex went to the paradise island of Mauritius before flying to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for the Falls Fest on December 30.
She finally left the event looking worse for wear with a group of friends at 4am.
A fellow partygoer said: 'It was a wild party. Beer wasn't doing the job so Chelsy and her friends switched to punch. She got at least three jugs, and smoked like a chimney.'
Harry and Chelsy ended their six-year relationship after she complained of being homesick and hating British weather.

Source - Byo24News