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Bulawayo short movie rocks social media

by Bulawayo Bulletin
23 Aug 2018 at 09:44hrs | Views
Bulawayo, dubbed as the cultural hub of the country, has once again hit the film industry. There is no doubt that Bulawayo has got talent.

'Bulawayo Night Out' short movie, which was released this year has rocked social media platforms.

Born and bred in dusty areas of Gwabalanda, the movie producer has raised the city's flag.  Bulawayo Bulletin (B.B) had an opportunity to chat with the producer, Sipho Mercent Nyathi, (S.M.N) of Bulawayo Night Out. Below are the excepts of the interview.

B.B: Tell us about yourself

S.M.N:  My name is Sipho Mercent Nyathi from Massemi Record, born and bred in Gwabalanda. I am a Film Artist and music Video artist.

B.B: What is the movie Bulawayo Night all about?

S.M.N:  The Movie Bulawayo Night Out is based on the childhood stories that we always hear when we growing up which are myth. As Masemi we decided to tell the story based on our interpretation of those myths in a Kasi way. It is about Jane the Ghost and a guy who drives at night and picks up a lady of the night hoping for a gloomy night with her. Surprisingly, the story reveals that the lady is not real. It features popular artist like DingiCash amongst the actors.

B.B: What propelled you to produce the film?

S.M.N: It is the desire that we have to tell our own Kasi stories because we believe we have got talent.

B.B: How do the people relate to the Bulawayo Night Out Film?

S.M.N:  Most of the people will relate to this movie because it based on issues that happens on our day to day lives. The gist of the message is educating our audience to be faithful to their partners and how we are supposed to be focused in our relationship.

B.B: What are future plans on the film industry?

S.M.N: Our future plans as the Masemi media is to grow internationally given the potential from the talent and skills that we possess. We also want to enhance our talent capabilities and do more videos and music videos. Basically we want to portray our ghetto lifestyle and sell it to the whole world. We are working on the next movie which will be an hour long. We want to internationalise our content so that audience from other countries can consume it.

B.B: What are storylines for your content?

S.M.N: Our storylines emanates from our day to day struggles that affect a bigger population. We are basing our content on issues that portray our day to day living instead of fantasy.

B.B: Film industry in Zimbabwe has been hampered by a lot of challenges with the most of the people resorting to DSTV and SABC channel. How do you intend to strategise so that you can impress them.

S.M.N: Despite the challenges that we face, we have resorted to social media platforms to push our content.  Judging from our successful debut film, we have received enormous support from our audience. They are expressing their love towards the film and are yenning for more.

Source - Bulawayo Bulletin