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Derrick struggling to fill Majaivana's boots

by Staff reporter
06 Aug 2017 at 13:17hrs | Views
OVER the past decade, Zimbabwe has witnessed an influx of young musicians taking over their families' musical reigns. The list is endless. In the spirit of continuity young musicians overwhelmed by musical inheritance continue to stagger in their father's musical boots, in a quest to reach dizzying heights and at the same time bring to table a stable musical diet for a legion of fans left behind by their fathers.

Launching his debut album Uyamemeza in 2012, Derrick Majaivana Tshuma, for a short period of time revived hopes among fans who believed that their prayers of Majaivana's reincarnation had finally been answered by musical gods.

"The six-track album is an attempt to keep my father's legacy alive. It also includes a remix of Umoya Wami which is a tribute to my father," said Derrick in 2012.

But alas, a quick tour, as time would have it any other way but fly to 2017, Derrick still hasn't offered much in terms of music or maintaining his father's musical standards in the process thwarting hopes of a legion of hopeful fans who have thrown in the towel or faced reality.

Derrick Majaivana is still hopeful of making it afresh on a new music canvass but blames it all on promoters.

"Right now I need promotions to push me further. Most challenges artistes face are with their promoters. As a brand, all that is needed is a good promoter for one to make it big.

"Most successful artistes have promoters who are hands on," he said.

When he decided to take over his father's legacy, Derrick knew what he was getting himself into, sadly despite advice from his father, he seems to be far from hitting the right musical cords that will earn him space in the annals of Zimbabwean music library.

"I do consult my father on my music and he really gives me solid advice on how to navigate the local music industry. However, there are always challenges in the music industry and it's all about tackling one obstacle at a time," he said.

Back then his father made his presence known in the musical fraternity in a short time earning his trademark name Majaivana due to his unique voice, stage dominance and addictive music feel only witnessed among superstars.

Armed with a live band and online marketing music platforms, Derrick isn't relaxing on his father's laurels as he said, he is pushing his music on digital spaces and his fans should wait for his second album due end of year.

"I am pushing my album on online platforms like iTunes and YouTube. The good part is that I have a live band which comes in handy for performances because I prefer playing to live music than CDs and I hope to make a mark in the industry," he said.

Despite his father exiting the local music scene with six classic albums to his name, Derrick, with only one album to his name, still has a forgiving palate of time to paint a colourful career, but is time on his side?

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