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From Zimbabwe to The World

by Lady B Bless
11 Jul 2011 at 06:13hrs | Views

One of the hottest, coolest and freshest Zimbabwean Clothing Label Blackarmoor Clothing has teamed up with ARCANOVI Management, Records & Publishing Co., USA to make sure all across the globe and around the world people are having a Blackarmoor Day. What is the meaning of Blackarmoor it's simply means Intelligence Consciousness, to have a Blackarmoor Day means promote positivity.

Arcanovi Management is very happy to have Blackarmoor on board and will promote the brands via there artistes worldwide and with artiste in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, The Philippians, Jamaica and Miss Cameroon USA the brand is bound to get maximum exposure.

One of the hottest, coolest and freshest Zimbabwean Clothing Label Blackarmoor Clothing (INTELLIGENCE CONSCIOUSNESS) By Rwangah.

CLOTHING with a positive message for all the people. With intelligence empowerment people know who they are and when you know who you are you can begin the journey of life.


Efrijah Gray Rwanga - Burst in to existence on December the 13th 1980 in MUTARE, ZIMBABWE. He  was born with passion for different arts, but never really thought about doing anything until 2008.


It came about late 2008. While Efrijah was chilling at work drawing SEAN JOHN designs and then he had an EUREKA moment and questioned himself "instead of wearing somebody else's clothing why don't I just do my own T shirts I can wear for my self". Later he met Terrie Gunz the CEO of KUNTA KINTE CLOTHING and who gave him advice on how to develop the label. He quickly became Terrie Gunz protege. At this point he was still just doing it for himself and he got himself a few T shirts printed and the response was phenomenal, so he thought to himself why not do this the proper way.


The MOORS were people from the Motherland who did a lot of wonderful things in terms of architecture and other great things. These people were intelligent but their legacy was clouded by historical inconsistencies. The ROOT of all peoples is ONE. Hence BLACKARMOOR, Where ever you come from you are intelligent in your own way, let no one make you believe otherwise because you are a MOOR. 

The tree on the label represents MUTI USINA ZITA ( A TREE WITHOUT NAME) which used to give our ancestors different foods, they didn't give it a proper name because it gave different foods according to what they asked. So you can't really tell what tree it is although its an AFRICAN TREE. The tree that gave food also granted life and intelligence. Its the same with our human minds you get what you ask from it, if you ask for love you get love, if you ask for hate you get hatred, if you ask to be a wonderful human being you will become one.


Two dimensional MOTHERLAND/ MY OTHER LAND has a pregnant woman. You can tell its about to be born and that means its our time yes our time for you and me to bring our positive ideas to the world. At the same time its saying MY OTHER LAND/ MOTHERLAND acknowledging HUMAN ROOTS.


Blackarmoor Clothing is working with people all over the GLOBE, AFRICA, USA, EUROPE and big celebrities are now coming on board. Several musicians have been wearing Blackarmoor Clothings for their video shoots from Bkay n Kazz (

), Jusa Dementor, Oliver Mtukudzi African Musical Lengend, Maccix Flo , and Arcanovi Management will add Centre Party (Zimbabwe), Miss Cameroon USA 2011/201, I AM PASHA(Nigeria), Lidanjam(Kenya), Jeck Pilpil (Philippians)Ras Madedo(Kenya), MC Mighty(Ireland), Mark Cupodore(Trinidad & Tobago) as well as others and another big move Blackarmoor was ask to sponsor "Godson" a upcoming UK Movie.

UpComing Show:

In August Blackarmoor Clothing will be part of the FASHION GIVES BACK SHOW  in Leicester UK.

The show is for giving back to ophans in Zimbabwe. During the show Blackarmoor Clothing will be sharing the stage with  BMW, JOHN LEWIS, CLARINS PARIS and More.


The LABEL is growing at a tremendous pace because everyone can identfy with it, therefore easy to get behind. Look out for our  T shirts with the positive message (INTELLIGENCE CONSCIOUSNESS) and soon JEANS, SHIRTS, CAPS,SPORT WEAR, SHOES, BAGS. will be added to the line.

Efrijah Gray Rwanga is the CEO of Blackarmoor Clothing

Lady B Bless is the CEO of Arcanovi Management, Records & Publishing Co.,

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