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1ns and 2s with Dj-Sticha - Sell your music online, Beats98 is here to serve you

by Dj-Sticha
08 Apr 2016 at 12:58hrs | Views
Am sure by now you know that our online music store is live, which means you can sign up hassle free and start selling your music right away. If bewungazi now you know, by selling your music online akush' ukuthi you have to ditch your physical sales ama CDs, you can actually do both. Let's say you based in Zim or S.A, bese kuba necustomer elifun' umculo wakho in the U.K or America, what then?, are you going to ship physical CDs to them?, now that's where online music selling comes in. You reaching all your customers from all over the world is just a click away, sign up and sell your music on Beats98, empeleni akudingeki izinto eziningi kudingeka wena nomculo wakho plus we give you free marketing, tell me who does that?

So ngizobhala ngiqathanise ukudayis' umculo via physical CDs and online music stores. There's no competition between the two methods of getting your music out there, ngifuna nje ukukudwebela isithombe.

Digital Music Versus CD

For musicians looking to sell their music, there are two main options. The first is to use methods selling music online through digital means and networks. These can include a number of music retailers and band websites that enable MP3 downloads and purchases. The second is to provide CDs and sell your music through a more tangible method. Both options have benefits and consumer preferences, but as a musician you will need to use both to successfully sell and promote your music. Below are the benefits to both selling music online and through CDs.

Benefits of Online

As technology has advanced both consumers and artists have found the online marketplace to be an easier way to purchase and sell music. Tracks can be uploaded anywhere with an internet connection, making allowing for a quicker production process for musicians. Selling music online also cuts the manufacturing price for artists, as they do not have to handle packaging, printing or shipping. Listeners and fans are also able to easily purchase tracks and albums directly from their handheld music device. As smartphones and MP3 players have become more advanced, buying and listening to music has become more instantaneous. Consumers now expect their tunes to be available online and to have access to immediate downloads and listening.  Because of this it is important for musicians to sell their music through multiple channels and online retailers.

Benefits of CD

On the other hand, some musicians prefer to use tangible methods of music sales, such as a CD. As a musician you are able to promote your music differently by using this tactic.  Selling music online works well for your established fan base, meaning those that are already loyal listeners. For your new fans such as those you earn during a concert or live show, it is important to provide a way for them to take your music home. This is where CDs and tangible ways to promote your music are important. Your music has already got them interested, but as they pass by your merchandise table, buying a CD to listen to later will hook them.

In order to be a successful musician, your music must be available through all channels for your fans to purchase. Here is the link ozoyisebenzisa for signing up to Beats98

Masicobelane ulwazi, masikhulisan' emculweni

Ungakhohlwa on Sunday the 10th of April is my birthday, so umma give ya'll a present. We'll release a new song alongside uKhuxxmaan titled "Ngeke Ngivume" for free downloading for a limited time.

Uma unemibuzo noma udinga usizo ngokudayisa umculo ebulenjini, thinta mina via my social media platforms

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