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Afro pop Group Sinazo collaborate with SA’s Byron Khumalo for a House Hit

by Staff Reporter
19 Apr 2016 at 17:26hrs | Views
For those late-night revelers who believe that entertainment is from the magical realm that exists in the clouds to the risqué to the seedy, this one is your special dedication.

"The concept of the song is just about spirituality, the way people try to connect themselves to the spiritual world, sometimes with disappointments", song writer Titshabona Malaba Ncube explained.   I came up with the idea after observing how people sometimes get stressed, especially in the diaspora where the environment you live in sometimes becomes your enemy, but the song relates more to my background"  

Available now on Dlozi lami is indeed a track for the shackers.

Preparing myself for the track review, I resort to the old school approach to listening to a new song; Accompanying myself with freshly made cup of cocoa. I put on my Dr Dre headphones, sat motionlessly, eyes closed and paying attention to the evidence from my ears.

As the beat comes in, it immediately transports me to the world of, (I do not know whether of the fairies or aliens), but as the vocals follow suit, carrying the spiritual war cry "siyavuma", I feel like I am transfixed in the world of amadlozi. That is like living in the inside of the Njelele holy shrine with the outside real world paying homage to the inside.

Idlozi Lami is a track that breathes fresh air into the traditional business of house music. It is tribally captivating and uses interesting imagery. Through the undertones as well as overtones, the sound synthesis and musical idea reveals the background influence of such music genres as kwaito and pantsula of which Tish admit to be the music that helped him grow. The song is traditional, tribal house and pantsula interwoven into one solid entity hit dance track.

"I grew up not only listening to kwaito, but I was sleeping, eating and living kwaito too. Even today my lifestyle, fashion sense and the way I relate, is, I presume, as a result of that kwaito influence.

Idlozi lami features an upcoming South African kwaito star Byron Khumalo from Midrand.

"I feel  like the song is on point for me and also deeply cultural" explains Khumalo. "Idlozi Lami is a different sound to what my own fans are used to hearing, but it has a great chance of success and so far people are loving every second of it."

On how he came to work with Sinazo, Khumalo explains, "I connected with Sinazo through social media after they listened to my track Fast and furious. Hence they decided to give me an opportunity to work with them."

On his own individual projects Byron Khumalo highlighted that despite working on his next single, his focus is currently on pushing Idlozi Lami.

However the catchiest thing in the song Idlozi lami is the voice projection from the lead vocalist Duduzile Sibanda. Here is a song bird with such a super voice it so softens and disarms one's mind and like Prior, would say, a voice that can tame even a furious beast, make the wolf restrain his rage and the lion drop his crested mane to be attentive to the song.

"It a great and powerful song which talks about issues I identify with in my everyday life, therefore it meant a lot to me and to be the one presenting it to the people was an icing on the cake" attested Dudu who is popularly known for her own leading role in the international acapella group Nobuntu, currently on a tour of Canada. On how she amazingly transforms herself from an acapella singer to a dance singer faster than one could say Jack Robinson, Duduzile boldly states that she regards herself as a natural singer. "Bring on anything, as long as it's musical, I am musically ready-made"

The track is currently available for downloading at and will also be streamed from Apple Music, and available in all major online music stores like itunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Spotify and others.

Source - Byo24News