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1ns and 2s with Dj-Sticha - The Importance of Having Good Album Artwork

by Dj-Sticha
06 May 2016 at 12:16hrs | Views
Behind every great album is great artwork. The design of an album's cover is a crucial aspect of the album itself. Although it might seem that an album is all about the music, the artwork is the face of the album, which means that it's the thing that gives potential listeners their first impressions. Your album's first impression is central to its success.

The Purpose

There is one overriding purpose for album artwork: to attract listeners to your music. Essentially, an album's artwork is the equivalent of a book's cover. Even though we are told to never judge books by their covers, we still do! Your band may create beautiful music, but without attractive artwork, it may go unnoticed. Good album artwork is visually appealing yet incorporates the music and musicians into it. In order to attract listeners, make sure your artwork not only looks interesting, but also represents your band. It may be unwise to advertise your music incorrectly.  

The Secondary Purposes

There are two secondary purposes for having good album artwork.

The first: to exemplify your songs on the album. Your music is the most important part of your album. This means that the artwork should give a visual summary of your songs. Try finding images or colors that set the scene for your songs, whether it is happy and flowery or angry and noisey.

The next secondary purpose: to express yourself as an artist. Creating music is a form of creating art, which makes musicians artists. Your album cover should also display your individuality as an artist and illustrate your style. This can be achieved through choosing a certain font, color palette, creating your own cover from scratch, and much more. Try not to limit yourself with this purpose. Allow your creative talents to flow onto paper (or a monitor) as you design something truly representative of you and your band's artistic expressions.

Your album cover should speak volumes about umculo owenzayo, it's kinda awkward to faka iartcover efana nekaNicki Minaj(Anaconda) uma wen' ucul' igospel, or ufake omama bamagarment amhlophe wen' ucul' iHip-hop. Ngeke ngikunqande on what to put on your cover engikucebisa khona yikuthi akube yinto ekhuluma ngawe ikhuluma nabantu nje ngqoo. Sengike ngabona njalo ama artcover amanye uthol' umuntu efaka something which is physically impossible in real life like ehamba phezu kwamanzi or ehlel' emafini nefont color yakhe isuk' iloud igcwele all over engathi yifruit salad , there's nothing wrong with that kodwa mostly kusuke kwenziwe kabi kwaba yicut and paste nje via photoshop bese kucaca nje ukuthi umuntu kazange aziph' isikhathi to work on their branding uvesane wathatha the quickest and easiest way out, kanti ke kuqakathekile ukuthi uma ungabe usenza into ekhuluma ngawe ebantwini uyenze ngokucophelela nokuzimisela.

Album artwork is an important part of your music. Without it, your album is like a book without a cover. Creating good album artwork takes time, but it is well worth the effort. Be sure to consider the above purposes as you design it. Keeping your audience in mind while still showing your artistic and musical expression is central in making your album cover.

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