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Dr Stem's dose of encouragement - How can parents care for their children's needs

by Dr Stem
02 Sep 2014 at 09:26hrs | Views
In today's demanding world, parents and their children feel pressured to appear more perfect than the next door neighbors. Throw in the so called technology that seems to change daily and requires parents to take courses to keep up, now you have what Is called a generation of burnt out parents, or as  it has been coined "Burnt out parent syndrome". Parents, at their core, have lost their way, and their own needs fall behind as they attempt to manage those of their children.

How can parents care for their children's emotional, spiritual and individual needs when their own are neglected?
How can parents prepare now for the last stretch of this year long-marathon?

Here are some parent-tips: 1-5 of 9

1. Stick to a self-care routine. No matter what. And do not waiver! Seek to talk to a professional for yourself to boost your self-esteem and stay on track with your own dreams and ambitions. You Matter and Your Wishes Matter.

2. Make a pact with a support system to check in about consistency. Seek and connect with a group of positive parents who can uplift your spirit and keep you in check. Preferably with children at same school.

3. At the first signs of you veering off-track, feeling stressed, anxious, irritable or angry all the time, seek help.take care of yourself. Parentswho take care of themselves are more present when their kids really need them. Not testing these feelings, symptoms can actually trigger worse behaviors in your child or children.

4. Plan ahead. Use a school syllabus and organization tools in advance to avoid being blindsided later.

5. Know what to expect. Especially when agreeing to more than one sport or activity.

Plan for it to be an Exciting, Fun Filled - Successful School Year

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