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Successful anti-Mugabe protests will ONLY happen as a Citizen Driven Project.

by Rakanga Danble
25 Jul 2016 at 14:31hrs | Views
The Citizens of this country have now reached a new maturity which draws lessons from the failures of all those Parties we mandated to lead and to oppose the Government. Those that we trusted to lead, led against us and those we trusted to oppose the country leaders failed to effect any change which is gainful to our Civilisation as a Nation.

We do not want any political party in any of the Citizen Driven Protests. If Political parties want to join us, they have to join as individual Zimbabweans not as MDC, ZANU, ZAPU, MAVAMBO or any  nucleous of such.

Political Parties have failed to remove Mugabe for 30 years. Their methodology is feeble, repetitious, penetrable and tribally divisive which is totally against our vision as Diverse Citizens.

As Citizens, we do not want a leader. When we have taken our country, we will elect a Council of Representatives emanating from all tribes of Zimbabwe to lead our country for four years and re-culture our Nation away from Mugabe's tribal leadership which has corroded our country.

The Council will consist of a man and a woman from all 13 tribes of Zimbabwe including the White tribe who settled in our country in the last century. This Council will have a duty to root out all corruption and all Politically Deployed Civil Servants and employ on the basis of qualification, equitability and merit.
Our new journey as a New Zimbabwe will begin with training our Police Force in countries like Britain where a New Zimbabwean Police will address our Citizens as Sir and Madam. No Police will be able to beat a Citizen and no Police will do roadside corruption in New Zimbabwe.

Our Graduates will be employed to resuscitate our Industry, Research, Medicine, Finance, Logistics, Agriculture,Mineral and rare Material,Science, Manufacturing, Design and Inventions which suite our region.

Our approach to Politics is different. We have learnt that the model of Politics in Zimbabwe saves more to divide and weaken us than the opposite. We are the inventors of this new methodology and together as Non Specific Political Operatives, we will produce a New Zimbabwe which nothing can corrupt.

Stand up young men and your women, flood Mugabe residence and be the permanent hungry guests who want to eat from his house first before he eats. Take the direction of your WORD which is always perfect if no Political Party is involved. "This Flag" is pure as long as you do not fall into the temptation of  anthropomorphing it into a Mawarire. Tajamuka, Sesjikile is pure as long as it is kept away from the temptation of anthropomorphing it.

Anyone who does not present himself as a Political Party is purely THE WORD of the Nation. We do not want any specific leader in THE WORD. For those who are Christian, you will remember that  Moses's ONLY failure and the ONLY reason why God did not grant him the chance to reach the Promised Land was pride and self gratification. When THE WORD told Moses to strike the rock and get water, he did and water gushed out, and he exclaimed "I HAVE GIVEN YOU WATER".

Any one who will seek to free Zimbabwe with a mentality of "I", will become another Mugabe. The WORD has not "I", the WORD is owned by all who see that Mugabe's Zimbabwe has served Mugabe only because we allowed him to the the "I" of the Nation. He sleeps where he wants, flies where he wants, says what he wants, insults who ever he wants, imprisons who ever he wants, enrichies who wants, empoverieshes whom ever he wants, employs who ever he wants, kills who ever he wants, exiles who ever he wants. Our Zimbabwe has become his "I". All politicians who want to take over from Mugabe have seen that if only you get an opportunity of becoming an "I" of Zimbabwe, you will be carrying a licence to take anyone's wife and make her yours. There is nothing you cant do if you are given the chance to become the "I" of Zimbabwe.

Now, the WORD of the people has come to a new realisation that any "I" should be avoided in Zimbabwe.We want a Council of Representatives to lead Zimbabwe for four years until the memories of "I" are forgotten. Until the memories of corruption and tribalism are forgotten. We need a Zimbabwe which is truly owned by all Citizens.

So, Dear young Men and Women, be the foot solders of the liberation of our Country and use your feet to walk and camp at Mugabe's residence until he cedes.


Rakanga Danble <>

Source - Rakanga Danble