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4 ways to easily improve your home

by Staff writer
27 Mar 2021 at 18:19hrs | Views
If you want to improve your living space, you have two options. One, buy a potted plant that brightens your living room for a couple of days and makes a negligible difference in your life. Two, employ some easy, yet drastic solutions to take your house to a whole new level. Here are the four methods we guarantee will work to easily improve your home.

1.    Bedroom Upgrade

How have you been sleeping well recently? If you think your sleep quality could get better, well you're right, and believe it or not, your bedroom has a lot to do with how well you sleep. How well you sleep is specifically affected by two things: the color of your walls and the mattress you sleep on. Scientific research has shown that there are sleep-promoting colors, like muted blue, grey, and lilac that relax the brain and invoke a state of calmness. Meanwhile, there are vibrant colors, like red, yellow, and purple that can activate your fight-or-flight response, making you more alert. So, if you have been considering repainting, it's time to take action.

When it comes to your mattress, there is more to consider than firmness. If you ever get too hot while sleeping, it could be because your mattress is made of memory foam. While the material comes with a lot of benefits, it sure retains a lot of heat. It's perfect if you live in cold areas, but if your current problem is night sweats, you'll want to look into mattresses made of latex foam as it promotes airflow. If you care deeply about posture, talk to your doctor and they'll give you a few mattress-purchasing guidelines, too. Say hello to that much-needed, highly-treasured good night's sleep.

2.    Convert your Loft

Who said you must stay confined to your original loft design? If you want to have an upgrade for your house, you should consider turning your loft into a space that you will highly benefit from. Some would take this as a calling to try their hand at DIY home renovations, but if you're not one for such things, the folks at Loftera recommend hiring a reputable tradesman in your area. Depending on your project's needs, you'll be matched with a list of professionals which you can choose from, giving you a sky-high limit when it comes to loft designs.

For those with a wild artistic side, your loft can be your painting, pottery, or music studio. Space could also be turned into a home office. You can add a window or a skylight and make it an extra bedroom. If you're seeking a more active lifestyle, the loft could function perfectly as a gym. If you're the exact opposite, add a comfortable sitting area, fairy lights, a set of speakers, and treat yourself or your friends to a drink (or a few) while basking in the rays of the setting sun. The possibilities are endless, but regardless of what you choose to do with your loft, keep your plan in alignment with your loft's proportions.

3.    Spice up the Floor

Changing your flooring can pass as an easy upgrade if you're looking for one. Chances are, you're not fully satisfied with the floor that's been there forever, especially if you've recently bought all-new furniture. Depending on your budget, you can either invest in a whole new floor or buy a simple rug. Most of us will merely go for a decision based on what's cheaper, but keep in mind that while new flooring is expensive, it comes with many perks too, especially if you will choose materials of high quality like hardwood. Such perks will scale from increasing the value of your property to providing a unique aesthetic advantage. Not to mention, if you have allergies, then you already know how bad a rug can be.

If you're not allergic, however, and if you're satisfied with your floor, you'll want a rug that goes well with your room. Interior designers recommend you invest in a large rug, or a few small ones as you desire, but never in a too small rug. A single small rug will only look off in your space, leaving you wanting more. With either option, rug or flooring, make sure you regularly clean them to preserve their appearance. Particularly with hardwood, you don't want to slack off on the proper maintenance.

4.    Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is arguably the most renovation-worthy space of all time. Regardless of how careful you are when it comes to planning your initial kitchen design, once you've lived in your apartment for a few years, you're going to realize the abundance of design flaws. Whether it's a lack of storing cabinets or an atrocious-looking, heavily stained countertop, a renovation is in order. Luckily, upgrading your kitchen, no matter how small, is a cheap and easy job that bears a great impact on the entire home. Let's start with a couple of shelves.

If storage space is what you need, your best and most effective option is going vertical. A few shelves will give you a place to put your plates, pots, or bowls. You can even add a framed picture or a plant for a splash of color. Other ideas include installing rolling shelves in deep cabinets and hooking racks to the inside of your cabinet doors. On the other hand, if you have no problem with the space, but you can't stand the look of your overworn countertops, you'll want to try granite or marble. While the material is expensive, renovating a small kitchen with granite or marble won't cost you much and will surely add superior class to your kitchen. Don't forget, this type of countertop material adds to the property value which will come in handy if you ever decide to sell.

We've all grown accustomed to living with our homes' flaws, slowly letting the temporary make-shift solutions make their way into permanency. But, guess what, you don't need to settle, even for the most insignificant of inconveniences. Fix your loose doorknobs and rearrange your horrendously disorganized pot cabinet. While cooking, relaxing, or even taking a shower, pay attention to the flaws you've been overlooking in the past. From there, schedule your priorities and get started on making your house the home you deserve.

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