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Conjoined twins, babies born with two heads - God bless

by Moyo Roy
26 Apr 2012 at 21:02hrs | Views

Dominican Baby born with two heads. She died immediately after the operation

Doctors have it that operation of such babies is very difficult because they share several veins and brain.

Such a baby is categorized as a conjoined twin though the formation of other twin is incomplete.

Several babies have been born with heads conjoined, though this is the first time it has happened in Uganda.

In 2004, a Dominican baby was born with a second head that was attached only to the first head, not the rest of her body. That condition, in which the second head is the product of a conjoined twin that stops developing in the womb, is known as craniopagus parasiticus. Surgery to remove the parastic twin killed the baby.

In 2005, a baby girl was born in Egypt with another incomplete twin attached at her head. The deformed twin could smile, blink and cry. She was operated and the deformed twin was removed. It died after because it could not survive on its own.

In 2006, baby boy was  born with 'two heads'. The boy had a normal-sized head but it was connected to another small one, reportedly formed because of a congenital problem.

In 2008, a baby boy was born with two heads, a large chest but with 2 arms and 2 legs. He was born in south-western Bangladesh by caesarean section in Keshobpur, 135 kilometres from Dhaka. He weighed 5.5 kilograms.

Conjoined Baby

In 2009, a baby girl was born with 2 heads. She was born in Philippines and out under constant supervision of Doctors.

In Uganda the first conjoined twins were born in 2001 and they were successfully separated from America.

The second pair was born on June 2011 and they were successfully operated in Egypt. They were joined at the chest, abdomen and they shared a liver and a sternum.

Source - Uganda Picks