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Former ZBC Presenter Eric Knight calls for prayers for SA Musician Lundi

by Stephen Jakes
05 Jan 2017 at 13:34hrs | Views
Former ZBC presenter Eric Ramsley Knight has called for prayers for the South African popular gospel artist Lundi Tyamara who is reportedly seriously ill and admitted at a hospital in that country.

"Ladies and Gentlemen lets pray for the healing of this fellow here. One of South Africa's most well known Gospel singers Lundi Tyamara of "Ongqongozayo" fame is not well. He is suffering from Stomach Tuberculosis and liver complications according to experts," Knight said through a post on his Facebook wall.

"Very popular the guy is in my country and several African countries, the guy is so musically gifted. Sadly Im told even those who were 'managing' his career have dumped him at this crucial moment when he needs help. Whatever it is, please intercede for him so that he may recover and continue touching lives with his great worship songs. Yes, around 2008 he shocked the world by proclaiming that he is not christian."

Knight said that is not the issue, people still need to intercede for brethren.

"After all Christ didn't die for Christians, he died for sinners. God's grace is greater than the greatest sin you and me have ever committed. Be healed Lundi in Jesus name. I love you and God lobes you bro! God bless Zimbabwe! God bless South Africa! God bless Africa," he wrote on his wall.

Source - Byo24News