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Byo-Joburg Intercape bus nearly hijacked in SA on Sunday morning

by Ndou Paul
13 Oct 2015 at 14:43hrs | Views
SIXTY-Five Zimbabweans were nearly hijacked aboard an Intercape bus in neighbouring South Africa today in the morning. An unidentified number of pistol and rifle wielding men nearly commandeered the Bulawayo/Johannesburg bus near Hammanskraal, after the Carousel Tollgate, at around 6.00AM today but the driver's bravery made it impossible for the passengers to suffer the horror of being hijacked.

Passengers, who were still struggling to come to grips with the ordeal, told that the hijackers driving two VW Golf GTi cars, one red and another navy blue in colour, impersonated police officers to try stop the bus. One of the cars overtook the bus and stopped immediately in front of it, the other one blocked it at the back.

They said the robbers came out of their cars dressed in police attire, when they approached the bus, the brave Intercape bus driver started the bus and moved at a high speed, taking the Hammanskraal offramp towards Rusternburg. Fortunately when the bus reached the tollgate on the Rusternburg road, there was a police vehicle. After seeing the police car, the driver started hooting loudly to alert the cops. By that time, the robbers were now closer to the bus, fortunately when they realised that there was police presence, they made quick u-turns and fled.

Reinforcement cops were called and the bus was then escorted from the tollgate to Park Station by a police escort, getting to Park station at around 7:45AM.

One passenger to that they suspect that one man who had bought a ticked to Johannesburg but insisted on dropping off at Mussina is the prime suspect. Apparently after getting to Mussina, the man told the driver that he was no-longer going to Johannesburg and demanded his luggage but there was a mini-argument with the driver. After the man insisted, he was given all his belongings. Suspicion is that this man might have overhead some female passengers who were enroute to England bragging about their belongings and he alerted his colleagues in south Africa.

Source - Byo24News