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Do you need a college degree to become a mercenary? The surprising answer...

by Staff writer
08 May 2021 at 21:16hrs | Views
If you always had boyhood dreams of becoming a mercenary, or the more formal term of private military contractor, you may have the misconception that all you need is a large machine gun and some killer biceps. If this is the case, you'll be surprised that a college education is actually recommended before entering into this exciting field. Here are tips for increasing your chances of getting hired as a private soldier.

Hit the Books

Since a college degree typically gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to getting hired, there is a wealth of classes that are recommended including military science, police science, criminal justice, and any foreign language you can learn. When looking through options to pay for your college, consider taking out your student loans through a private lender. By taking out a loan to pay for schooling instead of trying to initially pay out of pocket, you can easily fit college tuition into your budget without the financial stress of the high cost of tuition.

Gun Training

As a private soldier, you'll obviously be handling a wide range of firearms. Take as many gun training courses as you can and make sure to get all of the proper licensing you'll need to carry a concealed weapon. You may want to start frequenting gun shops and conventions so that you can learn exactly what types of firearms you will need for this exciting profession


You'll want to have actual hands-on experience before attempting to get hired. The best experience would be joining the military, however, entering such professions as security or law enforcement for a few years would give you the needed experience to face tough situations that you are bound to encounter in the private military contractor field.

Emergency Experience

If you don't want to spend years as an officer of the law or a member of the military, you can also become certified as an EMT. This is a huge advantage because you may still be able to carry a gun, but you will also be able to help a fellow private soldier if they are injured in the course of a mission.

Craft A Resume

After gaining the necessary training and experience, you'll need to create an impressive resume. It is crucial to list anything you may feel is important or beneficial to the company for which you are applying. Whether you have military experience or non-military experience, the application process will be the same. It should also be noted that these types of jobs will not be advertised in run-of-the-mill classified ads. Go online and search for websites that cater to ex-military personnel.

Improve Physical Fitness

Be aware ahead of time that you will definitely need to be physically fit for this type of profession. While the reality of the job is not exactly close to an action movie, there is still a lot of demanding physical activity that corresponds to such a job. By maintaining your peak physical conditioning, you have a much greater chance of being picked for choice positions.

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