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Dr Guduza encourages spirit of self-reliance and resilience

by Thulani Nkala
16 Jul 2017 at 18:42hrs | Views
Speaking at Pimlico in London on the 15th July 2017, Dr Churchill Guduza - the President of Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) encouraged all Mthwakazi people world-over to stop expecting anything from the government of Zimbabwe but to start believing in themselves and begin to do things for themselves and for their children. "The time is ripe for Mthwakazi to begin to create her institutions, be they in academia, business etc" Dr Guduza said.

Over the years the government of Robert Mugabe has systematically eroded Mthwakazi's self-esteem and self-belief, this was through deliberate barriers put on their way, those who would have circumvented the barriers they faced direct discrimination to the extent whereby some had to give up on their endeavours. What the government of Robert Mugabe was trying to do was to break Mthwakazi spirit of self-reliance and self-worthy which is the prerequisite for progress and development.

Dr Guduza hit the nail on the head, once the people of Mthwakazi stop mourning and expecting anything good from ZANU, they will soon liberate themselves from all facets of their oppression. 37 years is more than enough to know that the government of Robert Mugabe harbours ill-intentions against the people of Mthwakazi.

"We have a huge number of our people in the diaspora who are gainfully employed and some have successful business ventures, imagine if we start today to contribute just mere £10 a month to a pot, how much will we have in a year's time to start our own businesses?" Dr Guduza posed a rhetorical question.

Dr Guduza's speech was very timely, considering that Mthwakazi people are beginning to seek out each other and working together for the greater good of the nation.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, we saw Stanley Khumalo last week filling the Bulawayo City Hall to the bream. He indicated that the Zimbabwean flag would stop flying on the 12th September 2017 and the Mthwakazi flag will from that day onward fly in every corner of Mthwakazi forever.

The state media has marshalled all its scribes to vilify Stanley and to poor water over the resurgence of Mthwakazi. They have made all manner of allegations and accusations such as that Stanley is seeking secession and that what he is calling for is treasonous. Stanley has never called for secession but he has always called for Mthwakazi restoration.

In their latest escapades, the Sunday News unashamedly used the Deputy Home Affairs Minister Mr Obedingwa Mguni to make threats against Stanley. What is interesting about this is that those who have been fence-sitting today came out in full support of Stanley and his message for a free and fully recovered and restored Mthwakazi. Mr Obedingwa Mguni has unwittingly shot himself on the foot and that of ZANU PF by making threats against Stanley. Those who were not sure about Stanley, today were in his full defence and this has become a turning point for the struggle of Mthwakazi. Clearly God is at work.

When unveiling the Mthwakazi flag last week at City Hall Stanley made it clear that anyone who will stand against or oppose the restoration of Mthwakazi shall be cursed and Mr Obedingwa Mguni is the first to receive such curses.   

When Dr Guduza was asked about the MLF relationship with MRP, Dr Guduza clarified that MLF was happy to work with MRP, however, expressed some doubt about the MRP's desire to participate in Zimbabwean elections.

Source - Thulani Nkala