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#AroundZimbabwe with @Bulawayo24News - (20 Jul 2016)

by iNdaba Ndaba
20 Jul 2016 at 09:23hrs | Views
These are updates from around the country by civilians, if you want to take part please sent your update via email or WhatsApp.

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  • WATCH: Zanu PF Youth promised land after demo against #ThisFlag

    20 Jul 2016 at 18:25hrs

    HARARE - Zanu PF Youth promised land after protesting Anti-Mawarire demo

  • Zanu-PF youth chanting slogans at party headquarters

    20 Jul 2016 at 17:15hrs

  • Zimbabwe doctor request exemption at #Roadblocks

    20 Jul 2016 at 16:03hrs

    ZiMA: Some of our members have advised us that they sometimes fail to attend to emergencies at hospitals or their practices in time due to delays at police roadblocks in and around our various towns.

  • New Zealand cricket team arrives in Harare

    20 Jul 2016 at 15:55hrs

    New Zealand #cricket team has arrived in Harare to play #ZIMvNZ 2 test matches series in Bulawayo!

  • MDC-T applauds Zanu PF supporters

    20 Jul 2016 at 15:31hrs

    Luke Tamborinyoka: As a party, we applaud Zanu PF supporters for seeking to exercise their constitutional right by marching in support of mis-governance, looting and repression. Zanu PF reserves its right to march in solidarity with the authors of starvation and corruption. It is their right to march in commonality with a clueless 92-year old President who has run out of ideas.

  • Harare today

    20 Jul 2016 at 13:39hrs

  • Protests against #ThisFlag

    20 Jul 2016 at 11:44hrs

    "Protests against Protests by ZANU PF youths in Harare. Their love for oppression is interesting but OXYMORON "

  • Kwekwe police have arrested MDC-T official

    20 Jul 2016 at 11:14hrs

    KWEKWE - "Police in Kwekwe have arrested and charged former lawmaker Blessing Chebundo 4 other residents arrested Tuesday over weekend procession," the lawyers body said briefly.File photo

  • No Riot Police at anti - #ThisFlag demo

    20 Jul 2016 at 11:02hrs

    Scores of Mugabe supporters are demonstrating against #ThisFlag movement in the capital. Photos show less police presence

  • Picture: Thousands march along Jason Moyo avenue in Harare

    20 Jul 2016 at 10:53hrs

    Thousands march along Jason Moyo avenue in Harare in support of #ZanuPf

  • Pictures Zanu pf youths march

    20 Jul 2016 at 10:46hrs

    HARARE: Zanu pf youths marching now,,,,, marching against #ThisFlag

  • Zanu-PF claims scores march against #ThisFlag

    20 Jul 2016 at 10:41hrs

    Zanu-PF has claimed via Twitter that "Scores of #zanuPF youths marching the streets of Harare #electric energy ablaze" but a video posted online this morning shows a few people running in the streets of Harare

  • Civilian Update from Harare

    20 Jul 2016 at 10:27hrs

    Harare - "Wat z happening?Zanu pf youths in numbers loittering along Forth street/Simon Muzenda"

  • #ThisFlag & MDCT's #Tajamuka! at war

    20 Jul 2016 at 10:00hrs

    Jonathan Moyo has said the current social media activism by Zimbabwean will end in grief. Moyo said "It will end in grief. No doubt. Anyhow there's already a nasty fight between the #US's #ThisFlag & MDCT's #Tajamuka!"

    "Hameno zvenyu kungojamukajamuka on #socialmedia & foreign TV stations kunge masascam!"

  • Jonathan Moyo attacks #ThisFlag Pastor over Sky News

    20 Jul 2016 at 09:49hrs

    Zanu-PF spin doctor Prof Jonathan Moyo today said the 'selfie pastor' Evan Mawarire has moved from organising people on social media to SKY TV, CNBCA, BBC and eNCA. Moyo referred to #ThisFlag Pastor as "Uncle Sam". This came after Mawarire gave an emotional interview on Sky News with Alex Crawford.

  • Zanu buses Anti #ThisFlag protestors to Harare

    20 Jul 2016 at 09:34hrs

    The are reports that Zanu-PF has bussed Anti-Mawarire demonstrators into the capital this morning. A source to Bulawayo24 said: "As am writing,Zanupf Anti-Mawarire Demos are beginning ,pple have been bussed from rural areas and have marched along JMoyo to Zanupf HQ"

    "So far some of them dont seem to know what they have been bussed for bt only saying Tajamukawo"