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PHOTOS: Motorist have no option but to drive through flooded bridges

by Mafu Sithabile
17 Jan 2017 at 06:25hrs | Views
The pictures below were taken in Cowdray Park, Bulawayo this morning, after it had been raining nonstop for almost 24hrs.

Motorists in the area had to drive through the pictured stream, as it was the only one with low water levels.

Of late, we have seen viral videos of vehicles being swept away while attempting to cross flooded bridges.

According to "Many cars will start to float in as little as one foot of water - this can be extremely dangerous because as the wheels lose grip, you lose control."

"If you intend to drive through a flooded section of road, your first task is to check the depth of the water. In normal vehicles you should never attempt to drive through water that is more than about 25 centimetres deep (or up to the centre of your wheels)."

"It's also worth checking where the air intake is on your engine. If water is sucked into the engine it will stall, but worse than this, it can cause severe damage that will require the engine to be stripped down in order to bring it back to life. Do not try to restart an engine that has sucked in water - the plugs or injectors should first be removed to allow the water to be expelled."

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Source - Byo24News