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BCC runs out of industrial land

by Staff reporter
13 Apr 2021 at 06:31hrs | Views
BULAWAYO City Council says it has run out of land for industrial expansion and has opened negotiations with property developer, Old Mutual, for a land swap deal.

According to council's latest minutes, the local authority is in the process of negotiating with Old Mutual for a land exchange deal for industrial stands in Daviston Township stand number 56 with RE/Umganin Phase 2 891 medium-density residential stands.

"As the local authority, it is our duty to make sure that industrial growth within the city thrives because it plays an important role in the city's growth. Since Bulawayo was once known as the industrial hub of Zimbabwe, it is within our best interest to see Bulawayo attain its industrial status again," read the minutes.

"Hence the need for the exchange so as to boost the industrial sector within the city, and as it stands, the city did not have any new industrial sites that are serviced and ready for allocation, the only development available was Umvumila industrial area covering an area of 433 hectares with a total number of 394 stands ranging in area from 2 000m2 to 5 000m2 and 50m, which stands were, however, not yet serviced," council noted.

The minutes also stated that council was liaising with Old Mutual so that the latter cedes its industrial land in Daviston Township in exchange for residential stands at RE/Umganin Phase 2 as the company was more interested in residential development.

"Daviston Township covers 24,32 hectares with a total number of 56 industrial stands ranging from 2 400m2 to 5 000m2 in extent. All the stands within Daviston Township were fully serviced, but, however, there would be need to inspect the infrastructure since it was put up more than 25 years ago and was never put to use which might have led to its collapse.

"The residential stands ... availed for exchange with the industrial stands, were medium-density residential stands in R/E of Umganin Phase 2. The area comprised 891 medium-density residential stands with an average stand size of 800m2, covering an area of 125,6 hectares. The city valuer would determine how many stands would be of equivalent value to the industrial stands."

"The exchange would have a great impact on the economy of Bulawayo as this would boost the industrial sector by increasing the number of industrial activities ... hence enabling the city to attract investment in the sector, which would bring employment opportunities and promote economic growth," the minutes read.

According to council, negotiations are still ongoing.

Source - newsday