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Zimbabwean actor lands role in Scandal!

by Staff reporter
22 Oct 2021 at 05:28hrs | Views
South African-based model and actor Jerome Galiao has landed a role in one of Mzansi's biggest soapies, "Scandal!".

The Harare-based and bred will appear for his first episode on December 28 as a new character called Dr Nyasha Mugari.

Galiao's character is described as a doctor who grew up in rural Zimbabwe who left his home country to further his studies and is to return home.

Galiao made his first appearance as an actor on the local drama series "Estate Blues" and was also a presenter on the TV show, "".

The 36-year old, who moved to South Africa 13 years ago said landing a role on Scandal was one of his greatest achievements.

"The production team initially casted for anyone who spoke an African language other than a South African one," Galiao said.

"So it was Nigerians, Congolese, Ghanaian, Zimbabweans, Malawians, it was not easy and we all had to audition in our own home languages."

"I made it I got the role of a lifetime as an African actor here on South African television, this is a huge achievement and I would like to believe that I have made it.

"Like any actor here in South Africa landing a role on a huge production is the ultimate achievement it's all you look to."

Galiao said the character Dr Nyasha Mugari will be speaking Shona in the TV drama.

"So the role you play is Dr Nyasha Mugari without giving away too much of his role, he is a doctor who grew up in rural Zimbabwe left the country to further his studies and is to return home.

"He will be speaking Shona on the series and the plot is quite epic to say the least."

"He obviously meets some twists and turns, as you would know in soapies there is falling in love, battles of returning home and heartbreaks."

"I have had the passion for acting since primary school. I left it during my high-school years but it found me straight after and ever since I have had the passion and it has never died."

He said he has made appearances in a number in drama series in South Africa.

"I featured on so many TV drama series in South Africa which include ‘Umlilo', ‘The Queen', ‘Zabalaza', ‘Gomorrah ‘and I was a guest on ‘Housewives'.

"All of these roles helped to push me forward and land this role in ‘Scandal!.'

"All these roles kept me going though nothing was sustainable and yes at some point I almost wanted to pack up and come back to Zimbabwe."

Galiao said he almost lost hope as he could not find any job in the film industry.

"I had lost some hope after 13 years of not getting anything solid in-between, I remember having to take up jobs as a waiter in restaurants and a barman too," he said.

"Then lockdown happened and there was absolutely no work, but I kept on hanging in there and I am really proud I kept on hanging."

Galiao said he believed in consistency, hard work and persistence.

"I believe that with consistency and persistence, anyone can achieve anything. It's all about pushing the right mindset. I see myself being cast in bigger international productions. I see big awards coming home," he said.

Source - The Herald